Grotte de la Tante Airie
Natural Site

Grotte de la Tante Airie


Not far from Blamont, discover the Aunt Arie's cave.

Aunt Arie is without doubt the legendary character most dear to the inhabitants of the Montbéliard region. This smiling and benevolent character distributes, with her donkey Marion, sweets and gifts to the children of the country on Christmas night.
The cave of Aunt Arie is a small cavity opening in the rock face of the Combe Noire. At the entrance to the cave are two inscriptions. On the right-hand side, under the symbol of Christ on the cross, there is the inscription in German "Eine Feste Burg ist unser Gott".

Access -> Circuit 47 of the guide "55 Itinéraires pédestres" in the Montbéliard region, available at the Tourist Office.

Grotte de la Tante Airie
Grotte de la Tante Airie

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