Chapelle Saint-Antide
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Chapelle Saint-Antide


The chapel of Saint Antide is located in Les Etraches, a commune of Pontarlier.
The chapel of Saint Antide des Etraches was built and founded before 1657 in honour of Saint Antide and Saint Barbe. It depends on the church of Saint Bénigne in Pontarlier.
About 10 to 12 masses are celebrated there each year, but there is no Eucharist, no baptistery and no cemetery.
The revolution wanted to reunite the chapel "with another parish, closer to it". This project will not be realized. In 1792, suspicious gatherings were held there: the chapel was closed, the schoolmaster, Mr. GUY, gave "arbitrary leave to his pupils", insertive clerics took advantage of these absences to enter the classroom and "catechise fanatically".
On the 9th of May 1851, the town council of Pontarlier voted a sum of 360 francs because the chapel lacked the necessary things for worship and the celebration of services and because it was of the greatest use to the hamlet which was far from the churches of Pontarlier.
In 1960 Monseigneur DUBOIS attached the hamlet of Les Etraches to Les Alliées.
The chapel is small, with a single nave.
The building houses a high altar and a baroque altarpiece in carved and gilded wood.
To the right of the high altar, a standing Virgin with her head slightly tilted to the right, eyes lowered, holds a sceptre in her left hand and carries the infant Jesus on her right arm.
She is crowned, wearing a square-necked dress and a mantle thrown over her shoulders, an example of the survival of the Gothic spirit in the 16th century.
One has to admire the long hair of the Virgin and the ease with which the draperies are treated, with large beaked folds on the side.
To the left of the high altar is a statue of Saint Joseph.
On the altarpiece on the left, a painting of Saint Antide, bishop of Besançon in the 5th century, whose relics are kept in the chapel.

Chapelle Saint-Antide

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