Chapelle Saint-Léger
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Chapelle Saint-Léger


Situated on the edge of the RN57, between the Château de Joux and Fort Mahler, this building was built in 1701 (it can be seen on an inventory of monuments drawn up by the royal engineers in the 18th century) without authorisation from the minister.
This small square oratory is built of stone with a small imperial Comtois bell tower, in tavaillon.
This oratory is dedicated to Saint Leger. Saint Leger lived in the 7th century. Bishop of AUTUN, he gave himself up to the attackers of his city so that the inhabitants could be spared. The victors gouged out his eyes before cutting off his head; popular devotion makes this saint be invoked for eye diseases.
Inside the oratory, a painting represents Saint Leger blessing a blindfolded child. There was also a painted wooden reliquary (stolen in 1992).
This oratory was renovated by the Lions Club association between 1993 and 1994 by Mr. Vannoz Denis. Unfortunately, in 1995, the building had to be repaired again, as it had been gutted by the fall of a huge rock.

P. Dieudé.
Chapel and oratory in the canton of Pontarlier

Chapelle Saint-Léger
Chapelle Saint-Léger
Chapelle Saint-Léger

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