Église de la nativité de notre dame
Religious heritage

Église de la nativité de notre dame


Still located in the middle of the old cemetery, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Boujeons is a small church whose bell tower-porch, covered with a red metal talevanne, blazes in the sun while the glazed tiles of its imperial roof sparkle. Mostly rebuilt in the 19th century (the bell tower was rebuilt in 1810 and the nave in 1843), it has retained almost nothing of the original 17th century building. The bell tower-porch opens onto a single nave separated from the liturgical choir by a fore-choir bay. The choir is vaulted in a cul-de-four, the fore-choir is covered by a ribbed vault and the nave by a ceiling
The whole is illuminated by 8 stained glass windows: 2 with geometrical motifs illuminate the fore-choir and among the 6 that illuminate the nave, only 2 represent characters, one with St Joseph, the other with the Virgin. The decoration is modest and the absence of furniture gives this small building a rather unusual bare look. Here there is no altarpiece covered with gilding, no twisted columns or theatrical decor, no preaching chair with sculpted panels... Apart from a few statues, the church may seem naked. Among these statues is an interesting Virgin and Child, probably from the 17th century: this seated Virgin holding a laughing Child Jesus on her knees is a good representation of the happiness of the young mother with her child. In the choir, an 18th century painting, with a pleasant composition and an interesting quality, represents the Nativity of the Virgin (the church's vocation).

Église de la nativité de notre dame
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