Eglise Saint-Jérôme
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Eglise Saint-Jérôme


The facade is classified by Historic monuments.Saint Jérome's former parish was a fief dependent on the barony of Saint-Rambert, one of oldest deanships of the abbey Benedictine of Ambronay. Created near the year 1000, Saint Jérome was the parish mother of the region. A bubble of the pope Alexandre III mentions it in 1169: the monks Benedictines had settled at the bottom of this put off valley a small community which also assured the service of the parish, which included, besides, current hamlets of the municipality (Boyeux, Châtillon, Cornelle), those of Old man and Nivollet.

A collapse damaged the first chapel which had been built. The current church was certainly built by the help of the powerful family of Moyria, settled in the castle of Châtillon-de-Cornelle. In 1544, P. de Moyria created the south chapel, dedicated to Saint François.
During the Revolution, the Castle of Châtillon, badly maintained, is burned for unknown reasons; Saint-Jérome's bell tower is seriously damaged, according to the destructive directives of Albitte, representative of the Committee of Public Safety. Saint Jérome delivers his 4 bells of 301, 295, 145 and 44 pounds on the end of 1793 so that they are melted to make artillery. The presbytery is sold, as well as its dependences, gardens and the other properties of the "factory" (name of the landed property of the parish).

In 1872, the bell tower is reconstructed with the architect’s plans of the Diocese, Mr Journand.

Visit of the church: the outside is a little bit rough, with enormous foothills to avoid a collapse similar to the one who had damaged the initial building. The church is built on a platform which can be reached by a beautiful stony staircase. Formerly, the cemetery of the village was situated around the church

Eglise Saint-Jérôme
Hameau de Saint-Jérôme
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