Eglise Saint-Pierre de Pouilly
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Eglise Saint-Pierre de Pouilly


The church of Pouilly, placed under the word of Saint Peter, is built on the ruins of a Roman villa. A treasure of silverware (Museum of Art and History of Geneva), rooms of currency, the former graves and the numerous shards of sigillée pottery and tiles were found around the building, in the cemetery, in the banks of the parking lot, but also in the foundations of the numerous villas built recently.
All these discoveries made since the beginning of the XXth century confirm the following filiations: Roman villa, early Christian church built on the thermal baths of the villa, then the succession of the Carolingian, Romanic and Gothic churches.
The church Saint-Peter of Pouillly is also endowed with tow old paintings

Eglise Saint-Pierre de Pouilly
Rue de l'Eglise
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Eglise Saint-Pierre de Pouilly
Eglise Saint-Pierre de Pouilly

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