Oratoire de la petite Sainte
Religious heritage

Oratoire de la petite Sainte


Going up towards the reservoirs of Dommartin towards the Côte du Fol, on the left, there is an oratory of 1.75 m high on the rock at the edge of the road, with a base on which rests a base made of a thick dice topped by a flat stone. This oratory is composed of a wide open niche with a barely broken arch, itself closed by a grille.

On the upper stone of the base, upside down, three letters: VHG. These three letters, upside down, are due to the dismantling of the oratory in the early 1960s to protect it from the mine blasts required for the construction of water towers and the passage of pipes.

The Marian quatrain was engraved between 1920 and 1930 on the initiative of Léon Adrien Saillard, mayor of the commune.
This oratory dates from 1636, the terrible year of the plague in our area. Its presence is closely linked to the chapel of Niai Nion.

Inscription on the base: VHG. On the base: the date 1636. Underneath:
"If the love of MARY
In your heart is engraved
Don't forget to tell her
By passing an AVE".

Source : The oratories of Doubs, Paul Dieudé

Oratoire de la petite Sainte
Oratoire de la petite Sainte
Oratoire de la petite Sainte

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