Oratoire du pas de la Vierge
Religious heritage

Oratoire du pas de la Vierge


At the top of the Pareuses hill, at the level of the Forest Theatre, an oratory looks like a small chapel 1.70 m wide and 2.55 m deep.

On the façade, the splayed semicircular opening is closed by an iron door with holes drawing a cross. A frieze crowns the walls and supports a two-sloped roof made of stone slabs whose joints are covered by four projecting ribs. Above the pediment is a stone cross. Inside, a credenza placed on the ceiling supports the statue of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal. The floor is tiled, but in the centre there is an opening of one and a half tiles which reveals the underlying rock. An old tombstone is placed across the threshold.
Inscription on the pediment: M. On the frieze: +AVE MARIA. On the arch of the door: 1680+1898.

During the night of October 3 to 4, 1680, a violent fire ravaged the rue Montrieux and the Grande Rue as far as the church of Saint-Bénigne which was half consumed. The fire only stopped thanks to the rain, interpreted as a divine intervention of the Virgin in response to the prayers of the whole population. Some people thought they saw the Virgin herself appear.
In 1859, a first wooden oratory was built by the FAIVRE family, known as Bacquillons, at the place where the Virgin supposedly appeared in the wood above. It was replaced in 1898 by a small chapel, also known as the chapel of the PASSEE, housing a statue of Mary placed on an altar, in front of the rock that would bear the mark of the Virgin's footstep.

Source : Les oratoires du Doubs, P.DIEUDE

Oratoire du pas de la Vierge

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