Oratoire du Sacré Coeur
Religious heritage

Oratoire du Sacré Coeur


At Granges Dessus, to the north of the hamlet, Christ the King, whose unifying gesture is reminiscent of the Christ of Rio, extends his gaze over the whole of the Chaux d'Arlier, from Frasne to the Virgin of Chaffois and Pontarlier.

In an enclosure in the middle of the pastures, in front of a curtain of trees, an alley of boxwood and small fir trees leads to the oratory. The jambs, which look like buttresses on a slope and are supported on the ground by wider base courses, support a semicircular vault. Above, a two-sloped roof made of cement slabs supports a cross with thick branches. A cement wall closes the back of the opening and benches occupy the two sides. In the centre of the vault stands a 2.20m high Christ, his arms widely spread.
On the left side, one can read: VOW 1940, A. DUPONT -GINDRE.

Source : les oratoires du DOUBS Paul Dieudé 1998

Oratoire du Sacré Coeur
Oratoire du Sacré Coeur
Oratoire du Sacré Coeur

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