Oratoire Notre-Dame
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Oratoire Notre-Dame


The oratory of Notre-Dame de Bouverans is located at the exit of the village, on the road to the Rivière-Drugeon, a little before the cemetery and next to a small garden where a large calvary stands. This small stone building, covered with a two-sloped tiled roof, opens into a large porch through a low arch. At the back, an opening with a straight lintel is closed by a wooden door with a peephole and a wrought iron gate with scrolls and an anchored cross. The interior, 2 metres wide and deep, 2 metres high under the vault, is decorated with a painted and gilded wooden altarpiece in front of which is placed a Virgin holding the Child Jesus on her right arm.
The original statue, a very beautiful 16th century Burgundian Virgin in wood, contemporary with the oratory, was stolen in 1971.
Today there is no altarpiece, the modern Virgin is placed on a block of stone painted white, itself on a stone base on which are placed a candlestick and a bouquet of flowers
s/ P.DIEUDE The oratories of the Doubs
CEGGC catalogue of the chapel and oratory exhibition

Oratoire Notre-Dame

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