Stèle marie-hélène wuilleumier
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Stèle marie-hélène wuilleumier


A teacher in Paris, Marie-Hélène Wuilleumier joined the Resistance very early on. She joined Colonel Lagarde's intelligence network. This group was dismantled by the Gestapo.
In 1944, Lagarde was ordered to go to Prémanon in order to create a school for managers intended to structure the local maquis. From the Haut-Jura, this maquis then moved near Remoray and then settled in May 1944 on La Planée, at a place called La Citerne. This unit had about twenty members, including five young girls. Marie-Hélène was in charge of supplies and liaison with the population.
A few days before the La Planée affair, one of the maquisards was captured by customs officers. He was handed over to the "Feldgendarmerie" of Pontarlier and confessed the location of the La Planée camp. On 13 July 1944, around 5.30 p.m., a convoy of German and Ukrainian soldiers arrived in the village. After a first scuffle during which a young refractory was hit in the legs, the detachment continued its progression towards the camp. The enemy's disorganized assault allowed the Maquis to escape. Marie-Hélène was hit on the left side and managed to join her brothers in arms. They made a stretcher to carry her but, for reasons that will probably never be explained, they abandoned the victim in the company of another woman, Scarlett. The two unfortunate women were eventually surrounded. The detachment commander ordered Scarlett to be taken back to the tank and Marie-Hélène to be executed on the spot, shot at point-blank range. A stele and an ex-voto have since been
on the site of the tragedy.
A commemorative ceremony is organized at this place every year by the municipality.

Stèle marie-hélène wuilleumier
Lieu-dit La Citerne
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