What better way to enjoy spring to the full than exploring in the great outdoors? There's no shortage of trails in the Jura Mountains where everyone can find their ideal solution, by the water, in the towns, along the greenways or into the peat bogs. With your friends, family or partner, here's your chance to complete that list of fabulous outings to enjoy in spring! 


Bike rides along the greenways

The greenways are perfect for peacefully cycling or rollerblading at your own pace. Specially designed for soft mobility modes, greenways are the very symbol of slow tourism. Along the way you'll meet other cyclists, pedestrians, rollerbladers or horseriders, each exploring at their own chosen pace.

Denis BRINGARD / BFC Tourisme

Take your friends cycling along the Voie des Salines between Arc-et-Senans and Salins-les-Bains to visit two UNESCO World Heritage saltworks sites.

Discover an unspoilt wilderness along the voie PLM which follows the old railway line. The PLM route crosses the first plateau before rising through the valley of the river Ain, passing close to Chalain lake

Another suggestion for a lovely bike ride is a breathtaking section of the EuroVélo6 route, a whole succession of beautiful landscapes via Montbéliard, Besançon or Baume-les-Dames.

Stepping into the shoes of a naturalist 

Peat bog walks

Here's your chance to play at naturalists, along the paths and into the peat bogs, in search of a whole diversity of wildlife and plant species.

This walk features wooden walkways, installed in order to protect the fragile ecosystem of the peat bogs.

Refreshing walks

In the Jura Mountains, you don't have to hike for miles to enjoy nature's revitalising freshness. In spring, the waterfalls are at their most spectacular and the lakes invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the first sunny days. Coiselet lake, Abbaye lake or the Hérisson waterfalls are the hidden gems that we are happy to unveil for your family walks, a refreshing break or simply to enjoy the great outdoors.

Hiking can be fun too

If walking doesn't always appeal to every member of the family, try a different approach with our "Explor Game"  walks and treasure hunts! We're willing to bet everyone will love this activity!

You'll combine the pleasures of walking and making new discoveries, but in a fun way. One thing's for sure, this will appeal as much to the adults as to the children.

Along the trails or in the towns, you'll hunt for clues, rise to challenges, and solve the riddles to be found along the way. 

A walk that will bring out the adventurer in you.  


City walks 

There are also some lovely walks and waymarked itineraries in the town centres that beckon you to explore a whole wealth of urban heritage.

So which route will you choose? Au cœur de la Boucle (4.2 km), Rives et remparts du Doubs (4.6 km) or Quartier Battant (2.7 km).

Valentin Pacaut / The Explorers
Dole, circuit du chat perché Valentin Pacaut / The Explorers
Louis Gianotta
Ville de Dole Louis Gianotta
Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Panorama sur le Doubs et Besançon depuis la Citadelle Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Ville de Saint-Claude Alain DOIRE
Panorama Mizenboite

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Dole, circuit du chat perché Valentin Pacaut / The Explorers
Ville de Dole Louis Gianotta
Panorama sur le Doubs et Besançon depuis la Citadelle Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Ville de Saint-Claude Alain DOIRE
Panorama Mizenboite