Macvin du Jura is a fortified wine that deserves special attention. A taste of this little-known AOC from the Jura vineyard is the promise of a journey full of flavours and aromas. Its production process is unique and it goes amazingly well with certain foods. Welcome to the Jura vineyard for a discovery of one of the gems from the local wine press!

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A unique product in Jura

An exceptional fortified wine

Macvin is a very special product with a reputation still in the making. Its distinguishing characteristics are:

- A production process that's unique in France:  it is made from unfermented grape juice, or must, to which is added one-third of Marc, a local brandy matured in oak barrels and which must come from the same producer. Macvin is the only French fortified wine to be made from grape brandy rather than wine!

- An AOC that attaches great importance to its vinification method and its production zone, which covers all of Jura's appellation areas.

- 3 colours: white, rosé and red, although the majority of Macvin produced is white.

- 5 grape varieties: Chardonnay and Savagnin for white Macvin, Pinot Noir, Poulsard and Trousseau for rosé and red Macvin.

You absolutely must try the white, rosé or red from the various producers in Arbois, L'Etoile, Pupillin and other winegrowing villages... Don't hesitate to try more than one to find your favourite! (But please drink responsibly!)

Découvrir le Macvin
Colourful tastings

Macvin & food pairing

The aromas that develop in Macvin make it an exceptional wine.

In the mouth it instantly expresses hints of honey, caramel, orange peel, quince, candied fruit, prune and raisin, all in a beautifully rounded burst of flavour!

One might be inclined to serve it only at the end of the meal but that would of course be a mistake because it can be enjoyed:

- as an aperitif, neat or in a cocktail;

- with a starter of foie gras, or a sweet dish such as melon;

- with blue-veined cheese;

- with a chocolate dessert or certain flavours of ice cream such as vanilla, gingerbread, caramel or rum-and-raisin. Go on, indulge yourself!

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A typical Jura cocktail

Have you heard of Marcotton? This typical cocktail from Jura is a delicious mix of Crémant du Jura and Macvin du Jura.
It couldn't be easier to make...

- 1/5 Macvin
- 4/5 Crémant du Jura

Serve chilled in flutes with Comté cheese gougères. Yummy!

Macvin but not only...

Other gems from the vineyards of Jura

Vin jaune (yellow wine), Macvin, vin de paille (straw wine), Bugey wines …  there's no shortage of gems for you to sample (with moderation)! To discover them, click this way!

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