Cluses and viaducts of Morez

Cluses and viaducts of Morez


The Hirondelles line has served the Morez valley since the arrival of the train in 1900. This itinerary allows you to discover numerous viaducts and tunnels as well as the relief of the site.
> It is possible to shorten the tour by using the train between Morbier and Morez stations.

At the "Morbier" post, go down the N5.

At the "Les Essarts Morbier" signpost, take the route du Bief to the right for 300 m. In the bend, go down to the left and pass under the "Viaduc du Saillard". Follow the D 126 to the right. At "Doye Gabet", turn left onto the botanical path and reach the "Trou Bleu" (resurgence of Lac des Mortes). Cross the footbridge, turn left, cross the second footbridge and go up to the right. At the post "Les Pêcheurs", continue on the D 126.

At the post "Les Essarts Morez", turn right. At "L'Évalude", turn right into the rue de l'Évalude. In "Bas de Morez", turn right, left and continue along the road. Follow the D69 for 150 m, climb the path, then the road for 450 m and climb left to the Roche au Dade lookout (view of Morez, viaduct). Return to the ridge and go left.

At the pass "Sur le Chatelot", go down the path on the left ("Le Péage"). Turn right into rue Grandchavin, turn left and go down the Cimetière stairs. Turn left onto the path through the goat park.
Cross the car park and then the bridge to the Espace Lamartine.

At the Post Office roundabout, go up Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle on the left-hand side, along the N5 ("Les Émailleurs") and cross it by the passageway. Continue towards the station, then turn left (towards "Bas des Frasses") and, via the Chemin du Jura, pass the industrial estate.

At the end of the road, climb the stony path on the right, then follow the road on the left ("Bas des Frasses"). At Les Frasses, turn left onto the Bief-d'Arroz path (road) for 800 m, climb the path to the right, cross L'Évalude and reach "Le Douillon".

Go up the track on the left. Follow the D18 to the left for 100 m, then turn right between the buildings of the Signaux Girod factory. At the "Col de la Bucle", take the track on the left and then the path on the left. It leads to the
Balcon des Crottes (viewpoint on the Morez cluse). Continue along the path along the viaduct.

At the post "Les Crottes", go left under the viaduct, turn right and join "Morbier".

Departure MORBIER
  • 600 m
  • 16.5 Km
  • Very difficult
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