Welcome to the Bienne and Morez gorges, in a part of Jura that remains a well-kept secret. This is a great place to get together with friends for little adventures and big reunions during a weekend on the hiking trails and dizzying via ferrata courses. Not forgetting the small yet wild Bellefontaine lake. Then there's the museum devoted to what appear at first to be somewhat ordinary objects - spectacles - but which are in fact quite fascinating and, more importantly, made in Jura! And for other places to visit, you can count on our recommendations!

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Day 1 - Morning

The viaducts hiking trail

Tackle famous viaducts on a hiking itinerary that starts at Morez tourist office. These architectural works of art, which are listed historical monuments, never fail to impress. Throughout your hike you'll have the pleasure of contemplating them from every angle:

- First of all, from underneath, to appreciate the colossal scale of the tasks carried out in the early 20th century.

- Then, you'll explore the Bienne valley to observe from high above how the structure is embedded in the mountains.

- Lastly, you'll board a regional express train on the Hirondelles line, the railway that crosses the viaducts on its path between Morbier and Morez, offering lots more to see along the way!

Practical info: challenging 16-km loop with a 600-metre elevation range. You can make your walk shorter by taking the train between the stations of Morez and Morbier.

The Morez Viaducts trail

Focus on the Hirondelles line

A regional express train on a scenic route
Benjamin Becker

The Hirondelles railway line in a few figures:

  • 22 viaducts,
  • 36 tunnels,
  • 40 metres in height,
  • 123 km in length (between Dole and Saint-Claude),
  • 1 horseshoe-shaped tunnel between Morbier and Morez to take you across the Évalude valley (one of the only tunnels of its kind operating in France)

Find out more about this railway

Day 1 - Afternoon

Visit to the Eyewear Museum in Morez, a not-so-ordinary accessory

Located in the heart of the town of Morez, in a modern building designed to look like a glasses case, this official state Museum of France invites you to travel back in time. Find out how the people of Upper Jura used their ingenuity and expertise to develop a whole industry that's still renowned the world over for its creativity and technical quality.

The Eyewear Museum holds one of the most presitigious collections of spectacles in the world, the ESSILOR - Pierre Marly collection of some 2,500 items ranging from 13th-century pieces to modern-day models, not forgetting the 1,400-piece Landoit collection.

The following examples are well worth checking out:

Visit the Eyewear Museum

Musée de la lunette / Benjamin Becker
Musée de la Lunette à Morez Musée de la lunette / Benjamin Becker
Visite du musée de la lunette
N. Scherer / BFC Tourisme Visite du musée de la lunette
Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
Visite du musée de la lunette Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme
musée de la Lunette, Morez Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme
Visite du musée de la lunette
N. Scherer / BFC Tourisme Visite du musée de la lunette
Morez eyeglasses: not just an object, French expertise at its best!
Musée de la lunette / BFC Tourisme

The purpose behind the museum's creation? To retrace the town's entire history, from its origins to its industrial growth and its decline with the arrival of Chinese glasses on the market. The museum also highlights the modern-day spectacle makers who perpetuate this expertise that remains well-established in the Bienne valley.

In 1996, the town of Morez obtained the 'Ville et Métiers d’Art' seal of approval in recognition of its eyewear and enamel expertise, making Morez the very first town in Jura to receive this certification label. A just reward for a traditional savoir-faire found nowhere else!

Day 2 - Morning

Bellefontaine lake on foot or by mountain bike

The trails around the Bellefontaine lakes offer a peaceful, refreshing experience. You can begin your exploration from the village of Bellefontaine itself, then cross the pine forests, the green meadows and the little streams that flow into the lakes, until you reach these natural stretches of water.

This trail is suitable for all levels and offers an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors.


Walk around the lake: practical info
Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme

- An 11-km loop trail

- Elevation gain: 292 metres

- Level: Difficult

Prépare for this hike

MTB trail around the lake: practical info
Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme

This trail is one of the 44 waterside trails of the free 'Jurassic Vélo Tours' app

- A 44-km loop trail

- Duration: approximately 3hr 50 min

- Elevation gain: 922 metres

Aso suitable for electric mountain bikes

Prepare for this MTB ride

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The little extra that makes all the difference

Fondue in the great outdoors

For your lunch break, why not enjoy a meal of fondue in the great outdoors? Pack a fondue pot in your rucksack along with fondue forks and comté cheese from the Fromagerie de Morbier and off you go! If you don't have a fondue set, La Besace à Fondue has complete kits available for rent!

Tips for mindful behaviour in natural habitats: for your fondue you may be planning to use a gas camping stove... Please be aware that 9 out of 10 forest fires are caused by humans. If you need to use a camping stove, place it on stable ground away from vegetation. There may be a temporary ban on lighting fires, so check before you leave for any prefectoral or local bylaws.


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Day 2 - Afternoon

Try Via Ferrata in Morez - if you dare!

Try the unforgettable experience of the Via ferrata trail in Morez! Equipped with ladders, rope walkways and Nepalese bridges, this trail provides adrenalin thrills and stunning panoramic views over Morez and the Bienne Valley!

The trail is freely accessible and free of charge, so anyone can try this unique experience. But if you'd prefer professional guidance, our experts offer introductory sessions.

Key info: Elevation range 216 m - Length: 400 m - Duration: 1½-2 hrs - Maximum elevation: 918 m


Full details of the Via Ferrata trail
Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme

Recommended addresses for a good meal or a good night's sleep

For your accommodation, we've come up with 2 beautiful chalets for large groups with enough room for all your friends. Alternatively, you can't go wrong with the Hôtel de la Chaumière right in the centre of Morez!

Map showing our recommendations and tours

Haut-Jura Gorges de la Bienne

This getaway is a suggestion from the Haut-Jura Gorges de la Bienne Tourist Office. Don't hesitate to contact them for further details.

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Musée de la Lunette à Morez Musée de la lunette / Benjamin Becker
N. Scherer / BFC Tourisme Visite du musée de la lunette
Visite du musée de la lunette Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme
musée de la Lunette, Morez Mizenboite | BFC Tourisme
N. Scherer / BFC Tourisme Visite du musée de la lunette