Lac d'Antre
Natural Site

Lac d'Antre


Perched above the village, surrounded by spruce forests, Lac d'Antre nestles at the foot of an enormous cliff called "La Roche d'Antre".

It is on the shores of the lake that the legendary and immense city of Antre is said to have stood, of which no trace remains. Myth or forgotten reality, Lac d'Antre still holds a fascination for visitors. The site is also an exceptional acoustic site. A footpath has been laid out along the river Héria.

However, it is rather difficult to get close to the shore, as there is no real path around the lake. It is possible to walk to the Roche d'Antre lookout with its exceptional view over the lake.

Swimming is not permitted in Lac d'Antre.

Lac d'Antre
Lac d'Antre

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