Site Nordique des Moussières - Hautes Combes
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Site Nordique des Moussières - Hautes Combes


Welcome to the Hautes-Combes du Jura. In the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park, this Nordic area will delight lovers of wide open spaces, protected and far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. One of the particularities of Hautes Combes is the connection between the villages in this area: travelling between the villages on cross-country skis or snowshoes is child's play thanks to the large network of groomed trails. The charm of the Hautes Combes will amaze you when you come across its large and majestic spruce trees, crossing the deep dolines of the combes which will make you turn your head in the direction of the unmissable Monts Jura.

The small village of Les Moussières, situated at an altitude of 1,144 m, perfectly embodies the image of the mountain village that one imagines: a strong village spirit, shops and services, all surrounded by magnificent valleys and forests.
From Les Moussières you can easily reach the other villages in the area: Lajoux and La Pesse, or Les Molunes and Bellecombe. This link is possible thanks to the GTJ ski or snowshoe trail which crosses this area.
Departure from the Moussières slopes: departure in the heart of the village, from the Dolines hall: easy slopes accessible to all, ideal for beginners. From the Dolines, many activities are possible: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, play area, toboggan run.
A little further on in the village, there is an area dedicated to downhill skiing, with two ski lifts (green and blue runs) and a snow wire.
Services: accommodation, equipment hire, out-of-bag room, restaurant, first aid post, tourist information point, ski school, shops, mushers, fruit and vegetable shop, public transport, sale of Nordic fees, postal agency.
Departure from the slopes in the village of Les Molunes: two possible departures from the place called La Vie Neuve (with a splendid view of the Monts-Jura): 1 green slope and 1 red slope, which is more difficult, which allows you to join the GTJ.
Service: accommodation, catering, sale of Nordic royalties.
Departure from La Simard: 1 blue trail.
Service: accommodation, sale of Nordic fees,
Departure from Bellecombe - les trois Cheminées: the black piste of Les Closettes, which will allow you to reach the village of La Pesse, or which is a more difficult alternative to the GTJ piste which reaches La Pesse from Les Molunes.
Service: accommodation
900 m to 1 545 m

Site Nordique des Moussières - Hautes Combes
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Cross-country skiing :
5 Track (that is 40.7 km)
1 Verte 3 Bleue 2 Noire
Snowshoes :
9Track (that is 39.3 km)
9 itinéraires
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Les Hautes Combes
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