This pristine white landscape dotted with majestic fir trees offers the unlimited joys of wintersports. Downhill from the summits or cross-country through the pines, this is beautiful skiing terrain! In Upper Jura a host of wintersports await you in a Nordic wilderness. On cross-country skis or snowshoes, discover the Nordic culture and succumb to the temptation of a deliciously warming Comté fondue or a baked Mont d'Or... The true life!

Day 1 - morning

In Nordic mode: pleasure first!

Introduction to Nordic joys...

Jura is the ideal holiday destination for sampling winter's pleasures and the joys of skiing, and for exploring gentle mountains and wide open spaces.

Fill your lungs with mountain air by cross-country sking in one of Jura's seventeen Nordic areas. The Espace Nordique Jurassien (Ain-Doubs-Jura), the biggest Nordic area in France, is a virtually never-ending playground for skiers. But there's more!

The snow and ice offer a host of other activities too, including some little-known and original ones: snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating and ice hockey on frozen lakes, ski joering, kite surfing on snow, hiking in the snow on groomed trails, introductory biathlon session with laser rifles, mountain biking on snow, sledging, snowtubing, skishoeing and telemark... When you come to Jura in winter, there's no shortage of ways to have fun, enjoy a change of scene and a big breath of fresh air!

Nordic pleasures

Day 1 - Afternoon

In Alpine mode: thrills galore

Schuss away

The downhill slopes of Jura await you! The ski areas of Jura promise a warm and friendly atmosphere, far from the stress of the city and the crowded resorts. At the ski resorts of Champagnole Nozeroy Jura, Morez, Saint-Claude and, of course, Les Rousses, you'll find miles of downhill slopes suitable for all skiing levels!

The Dôle massif links up with the sector of Les Tuffes, which means that a single lift pass gives you access to the entire new "Jura sur Léman" Franco-Swiss ski area. Enjoy unlimited skiing as far as the Serra and Noirmont massifs, and treat yourself to an incredible panoramic view over Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps!


Discover the resort of Les Rousses

Day 2 - Morning

Museum and ice rink

Polar expedition...

For the whole family, the Espace des mondes polaires in Prémanon is a cultural centre that beckons you on a journey, an exploration even. It is also an ice rink and a polar restaurant!

This combined facility includes play features, a skating rink and a museum with life-sized seals, all built in memory of Paul-Emilie Victor, an explorer from Jura.

It shines a spotlight on scientific research currently underway at the earth's poles and puts the information within reach of a wide audience. Between the fun workshops, conferences and multimedia displays, there's always something to do! Not forgetting the ice rink where you can twirl around like the Snow Queen.

For a change of setting, try the Ravilloles Atelier des Savoir-faire, a workshop where the crafstpeople of Upper Jura demonstrate the art of wood-turning, a speciality of Jura!

At the Maison du Parc in Lajoux, discover Upper Jura in all its facets. Landscapes, fauna and flora, craftsmanship, forests, etc., and the mysterious "greniers forts" (fire shelters).

Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
La maison du Parc du Haut-Jura vue de l'exterieur Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
Baltik / Espace des Mondes Polaires
L'Espace des mondes polaires Baltik / Espace des Mondes Polaires
Jura Tourisme
Espace des Mondes polaires Jura Tourisme
Day 2 - Afternoon

Succumb to the temptation of a comté fondue

A delicious escape

If you come to Jura this winter, don't leave without having tried a delicious comté fondue or baked Mont d'Or cheese, accompanied by Jura salted meats. Under no circumstances must you miss out on these local delights…

Recipe for comté fondue

You'll then have plenty of energy to stride across the immaculate whiteness, like a trapper in the snow-covered valley. Between summits and sinkholes, you'll set off merrily on a snowshoe hike! On Grandvaux, in the resort of Les Rousses or in the High Valleys, your adventure will take you into the snowy silence of the forests... And you'll enjoy a gourmet break at one of the typical Jura mountain refuges!

Discover snowshoeing

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La maison du Parc du Haut-Jura vue de l'exterieur Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme
L'Espace des mondes polaires Baltik / Espace des Mondes Polaires
Espace des Mondes polaires Jura Tourisme