Source de la Saine
Natural Site

Source de la Saine


It is in the heart of the classified site of the Upper Saine Valley, a melting pot of many natural treasures, that one of the jewels of the territory is nestled: in the shelter of a limestone amphitheatre of impressive dimensions, the Saine - and not the Seine! - discreetly takes its source. At the foot of the rocky walls of this gigantic cirque, the torrent gushes out naturally through an improbable scree... The Saine then continues its crazy course downstream, shaping gorges, waterfalls and landscapes that are both wild and gentle for centuries. Here, white water games are guaranteed, especially after heavy rainfall.
A signposted hiking trail from the Maison du Tourisme office in Foncine-le-Haut leads you to the Source de la Saine.
Hike n°12 of the Champagnole Nozeroy Jura hiking guide.

Source de la Saine

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