The Saine river is just 17 kilometres long, yet it is one of the most spectacular of the Jura Mountains. Taking its source in the heart of the Regional Nature Park of Haut-Jura, this sacred river steeped in myths and legends offers some breathtaking scenery of gorges, waterfalls, a chasm and various panoramic viewpoints. A lovely playground for hikers who can admire the spectacular scenery, but also for water lovers and keen explorers who can also go canyoning here.

Spectacular road-trip

The Saine Valley in pictures

Located near Nozeroy, the Saine Valley is a picturesque site that can be visited by car on a road-trip across sumptuous landscapes where the river and its waters are the stars of the show.

A succession of gorges, gushing waterfalls and beautiful views with 3 absolute must-see spots:

Sumptuous scenery 

Walking to the source of the river Saine

The Saine valley conceals a multitude of natural riches that can be discovered on foot. The river takes its source in the heart of a limestone amphitheatre before carving its way through the landscape of gorges and waterfalls. Hiking is the ideal way to get a close look at this jewel of nature, which is now protected as one of the listed sites of the Upper Saine Valley.


An easy walk

For curious walkers, there's a family-friendly route from the village of Foncine-le-Haut. The safe and easy walk up leads to the famous Saine source via a sublime corrie where the river winds its way through.

A 1.5 km itinerary suitable for even the least enthusiastic walkers.

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Maud HUMBERT / BFC Tourisme
Maud HUMBERT / BFC Tourisme
Maud HUMBERT / BFC Tourisme

A challenging hike

For the sporty, a waymarked trail invites you to make the most of this revitalising wilderness by walking via the valley's best panoramic viewpoints.

You'll then be able to soak up the good vibes of this unique place before walking higher still to admire the valley from another angle.

This 11 km itinerary is suitable for seasoned hikers who are used to making the long climb up narrow mountain trails 

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As far as the eye can see

For a panoramic view of this breathtaking valley

Having explored into the heart of the valley at the water's edge, why not take to the heights to admire the view over the valley from a panoramic lookout point. Here are the most beautiful viewpoints overlooking the Saine valley:

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Nature's riches

Protected biodiversity

The Saine Valley is packed with some rare vegetation typically found in the East of France, where conditions are conducive to the presence of many varieties of plants and insects such as grasshoppers, crickets and butterflies.

During your walk to the Source of the river Saine, you'll almost certainly come across the goats and donkeys that graze the neighbouring pastures, helping to keep the local flora and fauna under control naturally. 

Map of your road-trip in the Saine valley

Marked-out must-see routes
In the heart of the valley 

The Saine, a choice canyoning river

In addition to the scenery, the Saine valley also offers an adventure playground for adrenalin seekers. With a whole succession of gorges and waterfalls, the valley is ideal for a canyoning descent. In the company of a professional guide, this watersport is your chance to make your way down the river by walking, wading, sliding, jumping and abseiling.

Guaranteed to get the adrenalin flowing and leave you awestruck by the beauty of the Malvaux or Langouette Gorges!

The Jura Mountains canyoning guides

not far away

Nozeroy, a small medieval town well worth a visit

A few kilometres away, Nozeroy, a medieval town of unique charm, invites you to step into another era. Its heritage features include a castle, a rampart wall and a collegiate church that will plunge you into the history of this "Cité de Caractère". What will also amaze you about Nozeroy is the local culinary heritage, such as the butter and comté cheese that are the pride of the village and surrounding area. This getaway promises to be full of surprises for culture buffs and food lovers alike!


Other waterfalls and pleasant places to cool off

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