The thermal baths of Salins-les-Bains offer the health-giving properties of the Dead Sea right here in Jura! The naturally salty waters are ideal for a hydrotherapy course or wellbeing break at the spa. And why not take the opportunity to delve into the history of this salt that has left such a mark on the town? Not forgetting a nice little hike in the superb natural environment that surrounds this picturesque spa resort.

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Balneotherapy in Salins-les-Bains

Take to the water at the thermal baths of Salins-les-Bains! This small resort in the heart of Jura opened the ThermaSalina centre in 2017, a brand new spa complex of 2,800m² where you can get back into shape far from the stress and agitation of the city, all in a beautiful bright setting with a soothing view of the countryside.

Discover the thermal baths

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Spa treatments

Healing powers of salt

The Dead Sea is great but a long way to go, which gives you a good reason to choose the thermal baths of Salins-les-Bains instead.

Here the waters are very rich in mineral salts and trace elements (magnesium, iron, zinc, etc.) which give them fabulous therapeutic properties! They improve joint suppleness and ease rheumatism pain. The salt density gives you a sensation of weightlessness and a sense of wellbeing.

Add to that a water temperature of between 30° and 34°C, and you have all the right ingredients for getting back into shape!

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Relaxing at the spa

Want to indulge yourself, enjoy a rest and unwind? No problem! ThermaSalina is also a bright and spacious spa designed to make you feel good.

Your programme features an enormous relaxation pool with massage jets and waterfalls, a jacuzzi, three saunas and a hammam.

Not forgetting the relaxing treatments and massages! The hydrotherapy treatments deserve a special mention, as they offer non-therapy clients a chance to enjoy the benefits of professional spa treatments.

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Heritage, nature and easy living

Welcome to Salins-les-Bains!

Besides the benefits of balneotherapy, there are other treasures to discover in Salins-les-Bains! After your spa session, go for a walk in the lovely town centre of Salins-les-Bains to admire the private mansions, terraced gardens and gurgling fountains.

The UNESCO-listed Grande Saline immerses you in the history of the salt that has been extracted from these subsoils for 2,000 years. A must-do!


Nearby, the Saline Royale, a work of art you absolutely must visit!

Can't get enough? Head for the nearby Saline Royale at Arc-et-Senans, another museum devoted to salt.

Good news! This UNESCO-listed industrial work of art designed by the Enlightenment architect, Nicolas Ledoux, is open to the public!

The semi-circular layout, the vast grounds and the monumental buildings will leave you awe-struck!

Découvrir la saline royale
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Salins-les-Bains also has re-energising countryside featuring many of nature's facets between the plain, the mountains and the hillsides of Jura.

So now you know what you have to do! Slip on your hiking shoes and go tackle Mont Poupet, Fort Saint-André or the legendary Echappée Jurassienne trail that stretches for 300km between the key sites of Jura.

Le Mont Poupet
Street interview

Job, a Mexican tourist

We're spending two days in the region. We're from Mexico and we're staying at a friend's house. We found a brochure on the salt museum at the tourist office. What a discovery! It is totally unknown in Mexico where you only hear about the Polish mines. The history and the salt extraction process are very interesting and we were impressed by the site's listing as a UNESCO heritage feature. We'll be happy to talk about this back in Mexico.

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