The best via ferrata sites in the Jura Mountains

The Jura Mountains are the perfect playground for via ferrata fans. Somewhere between climbing and treetop adventure trails, this activity offers maximum safety thanks to a continuous lifeline, but will also appeal to adrenalin addicts!

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Regardoir via ferrata site

Above a lake

If you love to see breathtaking views, then head for the aptly-named Regardoir via ferrata trail! ("Regard" = sight). Blending into the natural setting, it occupies a rock face below which Vouglans Lake stretches like a blue lagoon for several kilometres.

Besides the view, this amusing course features a footbridge, a rope bridge and two ladders, guaranteed to get the adrenalin flowing! You can access this via ferrata trail by purchasing a Pass for €2 at the Moirans-en-Montagnes tourist office or at the Intrépides equipment rental chalet. This pass is valid all year round.

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La vertigineuse Via Ferrata d'Ornans

Ornans via ferrata site

One rock face and 2 trails

This via ferrata site can be found below the Baume du Mont rock. The horizontal trail offers that incredible sensation of being above the void as you look down over the magnificent scenery of Ornans and the surrounding area.

The Roche du Mont via ferrata trail at Ornans follows a 360-metre section of the rock face that towers above the town. It is split into two parts:

  • The first route is suitable for all levels and takes about an hour and a half to complete.
  • The second part is extremely difficult, requires excellent physical condition and should only be attempted by participants with plenty of experience.

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Via Ferrata des Echelles de la Mort

Echelles de la Mort via ferrata site

Former smuggling route

This via ferrata trail takes you across the wild gorges of the River Doubs which you'll hear gushing below you. It stretches for 500 metres and covers an elevation range of 100 metres. Set in a dizzying and sublime natural setting, it was for many years the haunt of smugglers operating between France and Switzerland.

The course takes about 2 hours and is suitable for children if they're at least 1.5 metres tall. It includes zipwires, rope bridges and beams among other features...There are three escape routes along the trail.

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Fort l'Ecluse via ferrata site

Difficult Via Ferrata course or an adventure trail

This fairly difficult 400-metre via ferrata trail follows the steep limestone face on which Fort l'Ecluse stands.

It crosses a few rises of varying steepness which alternate with ledges where you can stop to admire the dizzying view over the River Rhone. It ends with a rope bridge across the ditch that goes under the drawbridge.

You can also enjoy the thrill of the Fort l’Ecluse adventure trail! Beams, rope bridges, zipwires, Tarzan leaps… Safely attached to a continuous lifeline throughout your adventure!

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Touriste sur la Via Ferrata de Morez

Morez via ferrata site

3 trails of different levels

This via ferrata site overlooking the Morez valley combines rope bridges, Nepalese bridges, ladders and zipwires. There are 3 trails to choose from:

  • conventional, fairly difficult trail, which takes you to the Roche au Dade panoramic viewpoint, the trail's highest point.
  • A physically challenging trail rated as difficult, with a demanding, vertical start and an ascending zipwire of which the second half requires you to pull yourself along and which leads you to the conventional trail.
  • Lastly, a fun trail that remains in the bottom part of the via ferrata site with a horizontal ladder, a Nepalese bridge and a long footbridge leading to the final 70-metre zipwire. This section is suitable for children. 

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Via Ferrata Baume du Verneau

The Baumes du Verneau via ferrata site

From beginners to top level

Starting at Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne after a short approach, this via ferrata site features four distinct trails of gradually increasing levels of difficulty.

  • The first section is for children. It is short, never higher than 4 metres and features a beam, 2 rope bridges and a section in a tree.
  • The second trail is also suitable for children.
  • The third part is more difficult, with a dizzying ledge and a fairly technical pillar with an overhang before you reach the top.
  • The extremely difficult final part has you trembling with fear and is for experienced via ferrata climbers only.

Pick your level and give it a try!

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