This young dietician and nutrition expert is very much involved in the sporting world. Find out a little more about Manon Bohard, a promising trail runner from the Jura Mountains. After just 3 years she has built up an impressive list of achievements...

Born and bred in the Jura Mountains

Manon Bohard was born in Pontarlier on 5th October 1991. She works in Besançon as a nutritionist and dietician, and also coordinates RéPPOP, a network for the prevention and treatment of obese and overweight children. She is also very much involved in the world of sport, accompanying among others, the young athletes of the Greater Besançon Trail-running Academy Team, and participating in prevention and training conferences on the university campus or during trail-running training courses in the resort of Le Chauffaud….

Speaking of Le Chauffaud, you've guessed it, Manon is the daughter of Patrick Bohard, the "very long distance" specialist. So inevitably, sport has always played a part in her life. She went from cross-country skiing to judo before taking to the running trails, naturally, in 2017. In Le Chauffaud, in a natural environment so perfect for outdoor sports, she could hardly avoid the trail-running route with such an achieving and enthusiastic father at her side.

A promising future in long-distance running

Trail-running yes, but initially in relatively short races, until Manon began just recently testing her ability on longer distances of 80 to 120km. It goes without saying that the results are there, along with the pleasure! And like her father, pleasure is her no. 1 motivation. So this is why she recently joined "Team Instinct France", where she feels at home with the spirit and values of togetherness, personal challenges and just plain fun! She now looks set to enjoy a shining career as prolific of that of her father who is, without doubt, her biggest fan!

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