Domaine de La Combes aux Rêves

Domaine de La Combes aux Rêves


The plots are 2 hectares in total, grassed, worked and harvested by hand.
The grass is mown from spring until harvest, then the sheep take over to maintain the rows and fertilise the vines naturally with their droppings. Our sheep are of the Thones, Martod and Soay breeds. We are currently replanting some of the plots and we have been able to start working the soil with our mare, Eline of the Auxois breed.

The vines are treated only with sulphur, copper and with nettle, horsetail and comfrey purin. The grapes are harvested by hand and picked in crates. We carry out all the winemaking operations (pressing, maturing in vats or oak barrels and manual bottling). We like healthy and natural products, so it is logical that our wines are the same.

Natural wines, sparkling wines, sparkling grape juice

Biodynamic wine - Nature and progress mention.

Domaine de La Combes aux Rêves
227 Rue de l'eglise ( adresse postale)
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From 01/01/23 to 31/12/23

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