Château médiéval de Montfaucon
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Château médiéval de Montfaucon


"About the remains of the village and the castle

At the start of the Chemin du Donjon, there's a lovely view of the Vallon du Château; to your left, a superb educational panel draws your attention to the various features of this site.

At the end of the 19th century, the last inhabitants left the area, and the village gradually turned into ruins, subject to natural erosion and the damage caused by men who came to find building stones for their personal use.

However, for over 35 years, volunteers from the association "Le Château de Montfaucon" have been working hard to maintain this site, a veritable paradise for walkers, joggers and other lovers of nature, geology and history. Under the auspices of the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC), archaeological excavations are underway in the castral area (the part relating to the fortifications of the castle), as well as restoration, or rather consolidation, work. Volunteers are involved in all these activities, with the help of the Commune of Montfaucon, which owns the site. But the aim of our association is not to restore the former appearance of the village and the castle, or even to probe all the soil to uncover the remains. Its aim is to maintain a pleasant, safe site, to consolidate the structures that still exist, and to make the historical archives of this place 'speak', so as to pass on this heritage and its history to future generations.

Remains of Montfaucon castle. Free access. You must park your car near the Montfaucon reception hall, then allow 15 to 20 minutes on foot (the Donjon path is closed to vehicles unless authorised by the Town Hall). Guided tours for groups available on request (1 to 1? hours in French).

Château médiéval de Montfaucon
Chemin du Donjon
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