The "Toutché Franc-Comtois" or "gâteau de ménage" is an institution in Doubs. It is a brioche-type base covered with a mixture of egg, cream and sugar known as "goumeau". It is often served in place of the traditional frangipane-based epiphany cake.

The list is long,


For the base:

- 250g of flour
- 25g of golden cane sugar
- 1 egg
- 30g of butter
- 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
- 6cl of milk
- 1/4 cube of brewer's yeast
- 1 level teaspon of salt

For the goumeau:

- 75g of sugar
- 25cl of cream
- 2 eggs

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Two versions,

Sweet or savoury?

This cake can be made in a sweet or savoury version. The difference is in the "goumeau", for which the sugar can be replaced by salt. This savoury version is often eaten plain or with the addition of bacon pieces. At first glance it looks like a quiche, but the taste is very different.

To be enjoyed as nibbles with drinks or as a main dish.

Discover savoury Toutché

Quick lesson in patois

Have you heard of "goumeau"? This is a typical expression from Franche-Comté, the region with which it is inextricably linked. It is the culinary preparation of eggs and fresh cream on which gâteau de ménage is based.

In Lorraine, this preparation is known as a "migraine", while in the rest of France it is called an "appareil" (mixture).


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