Iced absinthe soufflé is a light, fresh, bittersweet dessert. In the 20th century when absinthe was banned, this soufflé was nevetheless served at an official function attended by François Mitterrand. In fact you may know this dessert by the name of Mitterrand Soufflé.

The alcohol content means this is not a dessert for children, but you can always keep them happy with our alcohol-free pastries from the Jura Mountains.

What you will need,


  • 150g of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 25cl of whipping cream
  • 10cl of absinthe
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
Over to you,


To be enjoyed with a little absinthe 😉

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About absinthe

The powers of this elixir

Oozing with symbolism, the "Green Fairy" is behind many a fantasy and has sparked people's imaginations ever since it first appeared in the late 18th century.

You probably know it as the "drink that makes you lose you mind". But in fact absinthe has a nickname that highlights its mystical nature and the elegant complexity of its aromas: "The Green Fairy".

Generally speaking, this name conjures whole worlds of magic, spells, femininity, danger and seduction, to name but a few, which just goes to show the impact this beverage has had on the lives of the many people who have fallen under its influence. And it's this notion of influence that is best illustrated by the "Green Fairy" metaphor.

And you, have you ever been under the influence of this drink?

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She's incredible, this Green Fairy! She's present not only in desserts and other dishes, but in cocktails too. 

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