"Galette comtoise", Franche-Comté's own version of epiphany cake, is a typical dessert in the Jura Mountains. Rather than frangipane, its base is simply choux pastry flavoured with orange blossom. Here we reveal the best drink to accompany this original desert for a duo that will delight both children and adults.


  • 250ml of milk
  • 100g of sugar
  • 70g of butter
  • 130g of flour
  • 4 eggs (3 yolks + 4 whites, the 4th yolk to glaze)
  • 3 tablespoons of orange blossom water


Did you know?

Just out of interest...

The Franche-Comté epiphany cake is also known as Besançon epiphany cake, as it originally comes from Besançon. It dates back to the 11th century, a time when the canons of the Besançon chapter (monks) first chose their leader by hiding a silver coin in a loaf of bread. The bread was soon replaced by a brioche cake, then by a kind of caramelised bread base which eventually became the famous Franche-Comté epiphany cake.

Discover the place where it all began: Saint John's Cathedral in Besançon

To avoid dehydrating

Which drinks go with this dessert?

Matching the drink to the dessert is just as important as for the rest of the meal. To cater for all ages and preferences, we suggest a few alternatives to best accompany your Franche-Comté-style epiphany cake.

Sparkling drinks are a good option because they are light and elegant. So here are our suggestions:

- Bugey wines, especially Cerdon, sparkling rosé wine from the department of Ain.

- Crémant du Jura sparkling wine.

- Mortuacienne, a craft lemonade from Rième Boissons in Morteau.

- Elixia, a craft lemonade from the Jura massif.

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