Cerdon is a little-known wine that deserves to be discovered. Pink and fruity with fine bubbles and a low alcohol content, this wine's production method, the famous "Méthode ancestrale" is unique in France. This is a gem of the Bugey vineyard.

In Cerdon and the surrounding area, you'll discover the most girly of all French wines. Its characteristics, food matches and birthplace are all explained here!

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Grappe de raison pour le Cerdon
The most girly of French wines

Cerdon, a sparkling rosé

The small vineyard of Bugey conceals a treasure, a modest appellation area (modest only in terms of size!) that produces the most girly of French wines. Cerdon is a sparkling rosé that is truly exceptional in more ways than one.

- 1 AOC: the regional appellation "Bugey" completed by the geographical indication, "Cerdon", used only for this amazing sparkling wine.

- 140 hectares: the Cerdon production area which covers just 10 villages, Cerdon included.

- 2 grape varieties: Gamay and Poulsard.

- 1 original and completely natural winemaking method developed by the patient winemakers. The method consists in slowing down and eventually stopping fermentation in the vat by lowering the temperature. The grape must is then bottled after which it continues to ferment in the bottle for at least 2 months. Known as the "méthode ancestrale", this process must imperatively be mentioned on the label.

 It is therefore very easy to recognise!

A stronghold

Cerdon, the cradle of Bugey-Cerdon

Nestled in the hollow of a valley and surrounded by steep hillsides, Cerdon is full of charm with its little bridges, narrow twisted streets, typical winegrowers' houses… and no less than 20 fountains! Quite fitting for this land of "champagne for ladies", the famous sparkling sweet rosé wine of which it is the stronghold.

Like a taste of summer

Time to taste

Cerdon is full of aroma and low in alcohol, which makes it the ideal summer companion for family get-togethers, drinks with friends, or even an "adult afternoon snack".

It's very fruity taste with notes of red fruit (raspberry and cherry), its lovely fine bubbles and light mousse make it a pleasant aperitif but also an excellent wine to drink with fruity desserts, especially fruit mousse and even chocolate mousse! Succumb to the temptation...

Cerdon video

Cerdon video

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