The Bugey vineyard produces a whole range of wines that each have their own specific character. The best way to get to know the red wines ranging from light to tannic, or the still and sparkling mineral-rich whites and rosés, is to taste them! So take the opportunity to visit Bugey during the annual wine festival, or stop off to visit a wine estate!

Bugey wines

Still or sparkling, white, rosé or red, the wines from the Bugey vineyard offer a whole array of colours, textures and aromas!

It has to be said that what really makes this tiny vineyard so unusual is that its production area is split into 3 parcels around the villages of Belley, Montagnieu and Cerdon.

But it has other distinctive features too, such as the impressive number of different grape varieties and the mountainous terrain. All of this results in an extremely diverse range of wines.

Produced in small quantities, these wines are not very famous and mostly consumed in the local area. Which gives you a good excuse to make the trip, bearing in mind that the winegrowers will welcome you with open arms and take great pleasure in presenting their wines and their 2 AOCs, "Bugey" and "Roussette du Bugey"!

Discover the AOCs of Bugey

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Grappe de raison pour le Cerdon

Bugey AOC

The Bugey appellation (AOC) covers all red, white and rosé wines produced in this region. Some bear the additional geographical indication "Manicle", "Montagnieu" or "Cerdon".

- 2 white wines: Bugey Blanc made with a majority of Chardonnay grapes. This dry white wine is vigorous and aromatic. The other, with its own AOC, Roussette du Bugey, is a mineral white wine made from 100% Altesse grapes.

- 3 red wines: imperatively made from a single grape variety, these wines can be light and fruity, or tannic with notes of black fruit, or light and aromatic depending on the grape varieties used.

- many light and fruity rosé wines made from various blends.

- sparkling white wines produced through the traditional method: Montagnieu sparkling wine or an "ancestral method" rosé called Cerdon which deserves a special mention!

It isn't always easy to find your way among these wines... but there's sure to be one to your taste in the Bugey vineyard! All you have to do is find it!

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For a moment of togetherness…

Save the date!

Whatever the time of year, there's always something going on in the Bugey vineyard: wine hikes, wine-cellar open days, wine-tasting days... but the key event on the party calendar is the "Printemps des Vins du Bugey", a wine festival that takes inspiration from the Saint Vincent Tournante and the Percée du Vin Jaune festivals. The idea is that the event is held each year in a different town or village which, throughout the day, is brought to life with a warm and friendly atmosphere generated by musical performances, street shows and stands held by the winegrowers.

What better way to discover the AOCs of the Bugey vineyard?

A host of fabulous discoveries to be made around the Bugey vineyard

After visiting a wine cellar, make the most of your trip to explore the region of Bugey: Nantua Lake, the town of Oyonnax, a tour of the Bonnet silk factory...In Bugey, nature and culture go marveloulsy well together!

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