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TOP 5 lakes and beaches for family swimming

In the Jura Mountains, there are plenty of lakes with pleasant spots to take the family swimming. Thanks to the lifeguarded beaches and a host of activities, your children can safely have fun in the water and will never get bored. So which lake will it be? Chalain, Vouglans, Clairveaux, Nantua or Malbuisson? The choice isn't an easy one, so check out our TOP 5 to help you find the right lake for you and your family.

© Lac de Vouglans - Jura Tourisme

Vouglans Lake

Boating and water skiing on emerald-green water

Vouglans Lake has 3 beaches where you can enjoy a freshwater swim. Hardly surprising, as this lake stretches for 35km.

Here, the sand and emerald-green water make you feel as if you're in the Tropics, but without the salty water or the tropical heat!

To keep the children happy, take them for a trip on an electric boat from La Mercantine Port. You don't need a licence for this easy-handling 100% eco-friendly vessel. And if they get over-excited, head for Surchauffant beach for an hour of water skiing. They're sure to enjoy it and it's the ideal sport for them to let off steam when they're full of energy!

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Chalain Lake

A water park on Jura's biggest lake

3 lifeguarded beaches and a variety of activities: sailing, kayaking, pedalos, etc... At Chalain Lake you can spread out your towel and relax while the children let off steam.

Because they can go to the nearby water park, Parc Aquatique Les Lagons, to play to their heart's content in the pools and on the water slides.

As for you, you can enjoy a moment of pure relaxation on the beach as you gaze out at the turquoise-blue water.

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© Lac de Clairvaux - Alain Doire - BFC Tourisme

Clairvaux Lake

Diving boards for teenagers and play areas for children

Your teenagers will love the enormous 3-level diving platform at Clairvaux Lake. This is one of France's rare natural sites to have such a facility. After the holidays they'll enjoy showing off by telling their friends how they jumped from a height of 3.5 or even 7.5 metres!

No worries, there are also some more reassuring activities for children of all ages: swimming, pedalos, kayaks, play areas, etc.

Last but not least, parents will appreciate the free car park. So all the boxes are ticked for a successful summer outing with the family.

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Saint-Point Lake and Remoray Lake

Mountain fun and swimming in a lush green setting

Perched 850 metres above sea level, the lakes of Remoray and Saint-Point have two beaches with facilities and lifeguards, all in a super-green setting of meadows and spruce forests. The promise of a beach and mountain atmosphere!

At Les Grangettes beach, your children can splash around in the freshwater lake while you spread your towel on the grass. Besides swimming, you can enjoy watersports by renting out pedalos, canoes, kayaks or paddleboards. Boredom is out of the question here! 

If you have small children, head for Remoray beach where there's a play area near the water and a view of the nature reserve that will ensure you switch off completely.

Lakes of Saint-Point and Remoray

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Nantua Lake

For the faint-hearted

With water temperatures reaching up to 24°C, Nantua has nothing to envy of the Mediterranean beaches. Your little tribe can play for hours in the water before joining you in a happy state of exhaustion.

And in case you still had doubts, no, Nantua is not just a classic French sauce based on crayfish butter! It is also the name of a natural lake encased in remarkable surroundings, where sun loungers beckon you to stretch out and enjoy the tranquillity.

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