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The best waterfalls to visit in spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to appreciate the waterfalls in all their beauty. The melted snow produces an abundance of water and nature returns to her most luxuriant state! Here we reveal our favourite waterfalls, not to be missed this season.


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1 The most iconic 

Hérisson Waterfalls

The Hérisson waterfalls can be found in the "Lakes Region" of Jura. This magical place is one of the region's largest natural sites.

There are more than 7 waterfalls reaching heights in excess of 65 metres (Eventail waterfall). This walk is a must-do but, to enjoy it to the full, avoid the crowds by going early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. 

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2 The most spectacular

Saut du Doubs

At Villers-le-Lac on the French-Swiss border, the Saut du Doubs waterfall is a nationally-listed major site. The 27-metre-high falls can be reached on foot, by boat or in a horse-drawn carriage.

The immense canyons around the River Doubs invite you on a timeless journey that leads to the waterfall! 

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3 The wildest

Flumen Waterfall

The nationally-listed natural heritage site of the Flumen waterfalls in Saint-Claude is right in the depths of a wild, dark corrie.

These waterfalls could be a scene out of Indiana Jones. They can be reached via a number of hiking trails, some of them easy, others more challenging.

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4 The most enchanting

Glandieu Waterfall

This waterfall with an exotic feel is less than 1 1/4 hours away from Lyon. With its lush green vegetation, Glandieu waterfall looks sublime when nature bursts forth in spring.

A 60-metre-high waterfall that is very easy to reach from the nearby car park.

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Val et cirque de Consolation
5 The most mysterious

Lançot Waterfall

In the department of Doubs, the beautiful wilderness of the Lançot waterfall can be found in the heart of a corrie, the Cirque de Consolation.

This is heaven for hikers looking for some revitalising tranquillity. The flow of Lançot waterfall is very impressive after a rainy period.

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6 The most arty 

Charabotte Waterfall

Listed since 1909 as an "artistic natural monument", Charabotte is one of the highest waterfalls in France, reaching an impressive 110 metres.

You can reach this natural gem from the lower part of the Chaley valley, or from the Hauteville plateau.

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There are many waterfalls in the Jura Mountains and they are all beautiful.

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