The tortuous geography of the Jura Mountains means the region is full of beautiful waterfalls, of which the Hérisson and Saut du Doubs waterfalls are probably the best-known and the most spectacular. But these mountains conceal many other gems waiting to be discovered, particularly in spring when they flow abundantly. Les Tufs, Glandieu, Langouette... discover these sites, perhaps during a beautiful walk, and soak up the magic of the waterfalls.

The most impressive

Hérisson and Saut du Doubs waterfalls


Hérisson waterfalls

31 falls and 7 cascades including the Eventail waterfall with its 65-metre stepped drop. This site beats all the records!

Alain DOIRE / BFC Tourisme

The Saut du Doubs

This 27-metre waterfall can be reached on foot, on a boat trip, or even by horse-drawn carriage.


Protected natural sites

Les Tufs waterfalls

To see waterfalls of tuff (limestone rock), head for one of Jura's typical steephead valleys where often, from the very bottom of the rocky corrie, a fan-shaped waterfall emerges.

These falls are produced by a natural phenomenon combining water, rock and algae

The result is an extremely beautiful landscape but one of great fragility.

Michel JOLY Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme

Invigorating walks

Whatever the season, you can enjoy leisurely walks to beautiful waterfalls that are easy to reach. Prepare for a refreshing experience amid nature at its purest!

The spring rains and melting snow transform the ecstatic flow into raging, pounding waterfalls. In winter, they freeze over and offer an enchanting sight.

Springs and waterfalls walk suggestions

All the waterfalls at a glance


Love the water?

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