The losing streams of the River Ain are a wonderful place to walk. You'll follow the banks of the churning river on a designated trail between deep, narrow gorges, fallen boulders, torrents and waterfalls, in the heart of untamed nature. Surrounded by forest, the amazing site of the Ain's source is not far away and a great place to cool off.

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Losing streams of the River Ain

Amazing scenery

You'll be astonished by the chaotic terrain of boulders forming the narrow passage through which flows the turbulent River Ain.

This amazing landscape has been carved out by water over thousands of years. Indeed, ten million years ago, the Ain disappeared into an underground labyrinth of caves. Over time, the limestone rock of these underground galleries, known as "losing streams", were eroded away by the water until the roof collapsed.

This geological phenomenon has left behind a unique natural site, where water makes its journey between the fallen rock and stone remains. A wonderful spectacle!


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River Ain, an energy source

Did you know?

Back in the 14th century, the water's driving force was harnessed to power the hammers and bellows of the foundries in the village of Bourg-de-Sirod. These foundries flourished spectacularly in the Napoleonic era. After 1920, they were replaced by a hydroelectric plant.


A walk along the losing streams of the River Ain

Hike along the losing streams to see the whitewater of the River Ain flowing through the mountains and playing at hide-and-seek between the rocks.

From the car park at Bourg-de-Sirod, you can choose between two short discovery trails (2 km and 3.2km) that are very well indicated and equipped with information panels. Along the way, you'll follow the bank, cross the river and admire it from above as you accompany its journey through a gorge barely 2 metres wide.

The trail ends in a grand finale, as the river becomes a raging torrent. More than just a hike, this is an adventure in the heart of nature!

Ain losing stream walk

For the River Ain, life begins 700 meters above sea level, near Nozeroy, where water emerges calmly from the depths in the form of a karstic spring.

In summer or winter, the spring is easy to reach from the car park (about 200 metres away) via a pictureseque woodland footpath.

But depending on the season and weather conditions, the spectacle is different every time.

When it rains heavily, the swollen spring quickly produces an impressive flow which can even become dangerous! During periods of drought, on the other hand, the spring dries up, leaving behind an enormous gaping cavity, much to the delight of potholers.

This is a nice refreshing walk to do in the heat of summer, when the cool water and the shady forest invite you enjoy a breath of fresh air!

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Arrivée à la source de l'Ain après une balade en forêt

Other springs and waterfalls

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