Source de l'Ain et ses cascades
Natural Site

Source de l'Ain et ses cascades


Close to the small medieval town of Nozeroy lies this exceptional site, well hidden under the wooded canopy. It's a treasure trove of natural nuggets dotted along the various footpaths, the star of which is none other than the source of the Ain itself. Whether wet or dry, the spring is always full of surprises: its peaceful, captivating expanse retreats from time to time to reveal its enigmatic entrails, a source of fascination for many seasoned potholers.

But that's not all! As the water flows by, from lookout to lookout, waterfall to waterfall, walkers are surrounded by a natural environment that is both omnipresent and unspoilt. Completely redeveloped in 2021, a hiking trail beautifully highlights three other hidden treasures of the Plateau de Nozeroy: the Moulinet waterfall, the Maillys waterfall and the Moulin du Saut waterfall... You're guaranteed to be amazed by this magical place!

The trail also features two footbridges - one of them a "suspension bridge"! - offering a privileged view of the rivers, not far from where the Ain and its little sister, the Serpentine, meet.

Hike no. 43 in the Champagnole Nozeroy Jura hiking guide.

Source de l'Ain et ses cascades
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