A 180km trail from Villers-le-Lac to Grion, crossing the three French departments of Doubs, Jura and Ain. The recommended average distance to cover per day is 20 to 30km.

Start Villers-le-Lac
Finish Giron
180km Distance

An itinerary to discover when the ground is thick with snow

In the Jura winter, cross-country skiing offers a total immersion in the Nordic atmosphere. Along the 180km Grande Traversée du Jura trail, cross-country skiers are at one with nature and the Nordic skiing spirit. Skate-skiing or classic style, it makes no difference to the objective: to spend an immersive few days in the wilderness and get back to basics. Crossing the forests of the High Valleys, admiring the Crêt de la Neige, stopping at a mountain refuge and devouring a baked Mont d'Or cheese...

Your pace will depend on your physical condition and preference. Meditative skiers will take a short section or follow a loop for their first experience on a long-distance winter trail, while keen athletes will take 6 to 8 days to cover the entire 180km.

Whatever your level, you can make an overnight stop as there are plenty of accommodation solutions along the GTJ itinerary. 

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