Downhill skiing

3 resorts to fill up on downhill sensations and winter sports galore

Welcome to Métabief, Les Rousses and Monts-Jura! 3 versatile resorts and each an ideal base camp from which to enjoy the ultimate holiday experience:

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Resort of Les Rousses

Advantage:  a Franco-Swiss ski area full of novelties! 

SMMO-Métabief / THURIA

Resort of Métabief

Added bonus: Downhill skiing against the backdrop of the Alps.


Resort of Monts Jura

Added bonus: Within easy reach of a TGV train station, 3 downhill ski resorts with the widest elevation range in the entire massif!

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Where to stay

Accommodation favourites

At the foot of the slopes or in the heart of nature, check out our suggestions for accommodation with a warm and friendly atmosphere, and choose the winter haven of your dreams.


Grab your skis!

Focus on 2 activities for a great cardio workout

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Cross-country skiing

Sporting friends, swap your downhill skis for cross-country skis and try the physical challenge of skate-skiing or the diagonal stride! This skiing discipline is great for the body and gets every muscle working. Once you've got the pace you'll burn those calories fast, all in the great outdoors in one of the largest Nordic ski areas in Europe! It gets no better than this!

Added bonus: the groomed trails are ideal for skiing in a group. You all follow the same route, chatting as you go and sharing the ecstatic experience of crossing this beautiful landscape.

TOP des sites nordiques pour le ski de fond
Nicolas GASCARD / Montagnes du Jura

Ski touring

There's nowhere quite like the vast white stretches of Jura for leaving your ski touring tracks in the snow! The ultimate nature sport will lead you all the way to heaven! A unique opportunity to combine the pleasure of physical effort with a whole adventure, Far North style.

Added bonus: with no extreme slopes, the contours of Jura are perfect for average skiers. And if you're up for the distance, then this is definitely the place to be.

Goûter à la liberté en ski de randonnée
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On snowshoes

Touring adventure

If you love snowshoeing and admiring the scenery, then you need to know that the entire mountain range can be crossed from north to south on a 117km snowshoe itinerary! The aptly-named Grande Traversée du Jura (GTJ) snowshoe trail (which also has variants for cross-country skiers and ski tourers in winter) is a legendary itinerary that takes several days to complete. Your chance to explore the most beautiful settings of this mountain range, between forests, lakes, peatlands and valleys...

The GTJ snowshoe trail

Two Olympic sports to try!

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Time to hold your breath...


Get into "sport" mode with biathlon, a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. This discipline of military origins takes concentration and endurance, and the gentle slopes of the Jura mountains seem to have been designed for this sport. All you have to do is give it a try.

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Launching into the air

Ski jumping

The dedicated facilities of the Jura mountains (ski jumps of Chaux-Neuve and Les Tuffes) invite you to fasten your skis for an airborne skiing experience! Beginner lessons are available to introduce you safely to this alternative sport!

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The Jura Mountains tourism magazine is a mine of information and great suggestions. Basically, it has all you need to know to make a success of your next winter holiday!

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Ice climbing

In Métabief you can even have a go at ice climbing! The first cold days of winter transform waterfalls into ice, inviting you to tackle these temporary climbing routes.

With the help of ice tools and crampons, climb a frozen waterfall under the expert supervision of a mountain guide. 

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