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The best frozen lakes for ice skating

In winter, when the temperature drops and the air is cold and dry, the mountain lakes of Jura freeze over. Much to our delight, they become attractions for walkers and ice skaters. From the wilderness of Saut du Doubs to the small lake of Lamoura, discover our most beautiful open-air ice rinks. Please be aware, however, that this activity is unsupervised and that skaters are responsible for their own safety.

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Les joies du patin à glace en plein air

Lamoura Lake

The smallest lake and the first to freeze over in winter

The small lake of Lamoura is one of the first to freeze over. So, in the middle of winter, this lovely unspoilt lake is one of the first to attract delighted skaters eager to practise their pirouettes in the great outdoors.

15cm of ice, fresh snow and sunshine, the perfect combination for adventurous winter sports fans.


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Rando raquettes au bord du lac Genin gelé

Genin Lake

Skate rentals at the lakeside!

First of all, you can rent your skates at the only inn located by the lake.

Then you're ready for a wonderful ice skating session in a setting worthy of Canada. As you feel the cold air on your cheeks, see spruces stretching as far as the eye can see, and enjoy those sliding sensations, you'll wish for this moment to last until nightfall.


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Les Rousses Lake

The safest

The lake of Les Rousses in the heart of the resort of the same name is the ideal place to skate on a winter's day.

There is a designated safe area, a winter search and rescue supervisor is present, and skates can be rented at the lakeside. Perfect between 2 sessions of downhill skiing at the nearby Les Rousses Resort - simply swap your skis for skates!


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