In the Jura Mountains, take to the air if you dare, with ski jumping or Nordic combined. Now anyone can try these two disciplines thanks to the specific installations. The instructors will pass on their enthusiasm and give you the courage to launch yourself from the top of the ramp. Introductory lessons, guided tours and major international sporting events are all on the programme! Welcome to the ski jumps of Chaux Neuve and Les Tuffes in Les Rousses, for a somewhat dizzying experience!

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High-flying skiers

Although it's not the most televised of disciplines, ski jumping is definitely one of the most spectacular.

With impressive command, these featherweight flyers launch themselves from the top of the ski jump to reach a speed of 90km/h before taking off into the air. The greatest champions land 200 metres down the slope. Precision is everything. The slightest error can make all the difference between a medal and a fall.

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A world-class site

Every winter, thousands of excited people come to the ski jumps of Chaux-Neuve to applaud their favourite champions. The Côte Feuillée stadium, a real benchmark in the world of ski jumping, was built in 1989.

To date, there are very few facilities of this type in France. The biggest ski jump, measuring 118 metres, has been approved by the International Ski Federation. The Chaux-Neuve site  now has one of the biggest ski jumps in the world.

Are you an adrenalin addict? Then sign up for an introductory session and take flight. Sessions take place in both summer and winter on 10, 20 or 60 metre jumps. After just a few hours of tuition and advice you'll be ready to enjoy those flying sensations!

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Les Tuffes

Jason Lamy-Chappuis' training ground

Les Tuffes Nordic stadium in Les Rousses, where French Nordic athletes train, now enjoys a worldwide reputation.

Named after a local hero, Jason Lamy Chappuis, it is both a winter and summer training ground. Snowfarming techniques are used to ensure snow cover whatever the weather, so that sports enthusiasts from the Jura Mountains can benefit from the best possible training conditions.

Completely modernised, it hosted the 2018 FIS ladies' ski jumping world cup (a first in France) and the 2020 Lausanne Youth Olympics.

Les Rousses ski school proposes introductory sessions which, after just a few hours, will have you following in the spectacular footsteps of these flying humans... The only pre-requisite is to master the basics of downhill skiing.

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Did you know?

Why do jumpers place their skis in a V shape?

A number of different techniques have been used in the history of ski jumping. But it was the "V" technique that truly revolutionised this discipline.

Invented in 1969 by Miroslaw Graf from Poland, this technique was criticised for many years before being made popular in 1985 by Swedish skier, Jan Boklöv. Strong winds forced him to abandon the parallel position and, mid-jump, he unintentionally placed his skis in the V position before covering 20 metres more than on his previous jumps.

Improving air penetration by 28% and adding 10% to the jump distance, his unbeatable V-style jump was gradually adopted. Its efficiency was proven at the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, where all of the medal winners used it!

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A great sporting event

Chaux-Neuve: Nordic Combined World Cup

Since 2009, the world's best Nordic Combined skiers have met every year in Chaux-Neuve for the World Cup.

The village is transformed into a giant party venue that brings this sport to the people, who get to see their champions in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Over 15,000 passionate spectators enthusiastically cheer on skiers from across the world. A 100% Nordic atmosphere that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

Excursion idea

Follow the guide!

From Jason Lamy-Chappuis to Magnus Moan and Eric Frenzel, champions from the world over have launched themselves into the sky from the Chaux-Neuve ski jump.

In the company of a guide, discover the Côte Feuillée stadium facilities which include 5 jumps of 118, 60, 30, 10 and 8 metres. The tour ends at the museum on the premises where video material and accounts from the champions themselves reveal what lies behind the scenes of this sport like no other.

Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to cover 2km on this tour which involves climbing quite a few steps up a 100-metre elevation range!

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Land of champions

Doped with Comté cheese, born with skis on their feet, or heirs of the local sporting tradition, many athletes from the Jura Montains have excelled in Nordic Combined competitions. Let's take a closer look at our favourite champions...

Jason Lamy-Chappuis: nicknamed "Jez" by the locals. Nordic combined Olympic champion at Vancouver in 2010. He made his name and achieved international victories after training on the slopes and facilities of the Resort of Les Rousses.

Fabrice Guy: born in Pontarlier in Doubs, Fabrice Guy won a gold medal in the Nordic Combined competition at the Albertville Olympics in 1992. He had trained at Chaux-Neuve since childhood.

Sébastien Lacroix: born at Saint-Claude in Jura, he launched his career by coming 4th in the Nordic Combined at the 2010 Olympic Games. In 2013, he became double world champion at Val de Fiemme in Italy by winning the relay and the team heat with the help of Jason Lamy-Chappuis. Look out for him if you visit Les Tuffes!

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