Take to the frozen lakes to skate on a larger-than-life ice rink in an unspoilt natural setting. Thanks to the climate of the Jura Mountains, you're sure to enjoy a unique skating experience. This local tradition of ice skating in natural surroundings, where skaters are each responsible for their own safety, is truly a winter way of life here. Treat yourself to a memorable experience on the ice at the impressive lakes of Doubs, the mountain lakes of Upper Jura, or the inviting lakes of Ain.


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Skating pleasures

When the ice forms

In the coldest depths of winter, the lakes and pools of the Jura Mountains are transformed into vast natural ice rinks. Skaters, ice-hockey players, walkers and ever pushchairs on runners all share this icefield for a unique experience offered by Mother Nature.

Places to skate

larger-than-life ice rinks

XXL skating rinks on lakes and pools

Slip on your skates and scour the ice in the great outdoors on the mountain lakes and pools! There are magical moments to be had when the cold weather makes the waters freeze over. Nothing matches that unique sensation of gliding along against the snowy backdrop.

Winter sports fans will love this XXL playground surrounded by pines, mountains, valleys and villages with frost-covered roofs. Forget the noisy crowds as you slide across the ice with your eyes closed, listening to the water lapping beneath.


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A local tradition

Ice skating on the frozen ponds and lakes of Jura and Doubs is a long-standing tradition that goes back a hundred years or so. Every winter, a long period of freezing weather has the most daring locals out testing the ice. The bigger the lake, the more solid and longer-lasting the ice.

This explains why Lamoura Lake in Les Rousses is often the first to be viable for skating. The ice has to be at least 10cm thick, otherwise beware! Skaters are each responsible for their own safety. Find out beforehand whether the ice is safe, comply with the instructions and never go beyond the designated areas.



Mountain lakes

Les Rousses: one resort, two lakes

Les Rousses Lake, close to the resort

Surrounded by peat bogs, vegetation and wildlife, the lake of Les Rousses is generally safe. A member of the winter search and rescue team is always nearby to keep an eye on things. When the ice reaches a thickness of 7cm, the surface is strong enough to support your weight. With or without skates, being on the ice is a somewhat original way to enjoy a meditative experience. 

The mountain lake of Lamoura

Smaller but frozen over more quickly, Lamoura is the highest mountain lake in French Jura. It nestles in a heavenly setting at the bottom of a valley, just below the Massacre forest. Here your skating trip is enhanced by the welcome bonus of a calm and re-energising sense of serenity.

Les Rousses
Mid-altitude mountains

Skating in Ain

Lake Genin, the "Little Canada of Upper Bugey"

As soon as the temperature drops significantly, Genin Lake, a classified "picturesque natural site of character", offers skaters 8 hectares of ice. In winter, besides skaters, it also attracts snowshoers, cross-country skiers and ice divers. Admission to the ice is free and skates can be rented from the Lake Genin inn.

Lalleyriat lake, suitable for all

The lake of Lalleyriat offers lovely views over the summits of the Jura mountain chain, all from the safety of its 1.4 hectare surface and shallow waters. In winter, skaters, ice-hockey players and Nordic skiers share the joys of this site where, after the first snowfall, a trail is marked out that can even be taken at night. Equipment rental at the site.

Où patiner dans l'Ain ?
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Baltik / Espace des Mondes Polaires
Polar Centre

An icefield rink

At the Espace des Mondes Polaires (Polar Centre) in Prémanon, the skating rink feels like an icefield amid a vast stretch of snow.

The ice rink opens all year round, independently of the museum dedicated to Paul-Emile Victor, the famous adventurer from Jura. Classic skates and ice-hockey skates can be rented on the premises, as well as hats, gloves and helmets. The rink's light effects and realistic setting offer an immersive experience at the Earth's poles. 

The Polar Centre

Off the skis

Other winter pleasures 

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