Facing one of the widest panoramic views you'll ever see in Europe, you'll enjoy those winter sports pleasures just 20 minutes from Geneva. In the foothills of the massif's highest peaks, the double-faceted resort of Monts Jura provides twice the amazement. On one side you have the challenge of ungroomed slopes and on the other, the safety of a tamed mountainside. Three sectors in one for an XXL ski area for both downhill and cross-country fans! With or without skis, bring your family or friends to the Pays de Gex and get away from it all  as you discover the riches of this land where authentic encounters happen naturally.

Monts Jura Resort


900 to 1,680 metres above sea level
40 downhill slopes
50 km of trails
20 ski lifts
143 snow cannons
4 ski schools
150 km of cross-country ski trails
48 km of snowshoe trails
Benjamin Becker / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme

Alpine ski area

An Alpine ski area that explores three dimensions

With three ski areas and a maximum elevation of 1,680 metres, Monts Jura appeals to even the most demanding skiers. The top of the resort offers one of the most spectacular panoramas in Europe, as the snow-covered contours of the Ecrins mountains, the Swiss and Austrian Alps, Lake Geneva and Geneva Bay unfurl before your eyes!

Discover the Resort

Alpine ski area

Three ski areas rolled into one!

At Monts Jura, you get to choose the ski area that matches your level and preference. 

Lélex-Crozet is where the most experienced skiers come to perfect their technique. With guaranteed snow and a whole array of untouched areas, the sector attracts freeriders, telemarkers and snowboarders in search of adrenalin thrills.

The more family-friendly ski areas of Mijoux-La-Faucille and Menthières offer peace of mind to those who like to progress at their own pace. The gentle, quiet slopes lined with spruce trees are a delight for children and adults of all levels. Enjoy a real nature getaway when you stay in these resorts where the atmosphere is so typical of Jura!

La Griffe / BFC Tourisme
Nordic spirit

cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other Nordic activities

The resort of Monts Jura boasts one of the best Nordic ski areas in France and includes the beautiful La Vattay-Valserine sector. Other Nordic activities share pride of place here, such as snowshoeing and ski touring on trails that lead you all the way to the highest summits of the Jura Mountains!

Nicolas GASCARD / Montagnes du Jura
Nordic spirit

La Vattay-Valserine, the realm of cross-country skiers

Certified "site of excellence" by Nordic France, this Nordic ski area attracts cross-country skiers of all levels who, every winter, explore the 142km of groomed trails stretching from the Vattay plateau to the Valserine valley and its riverbank.

The double-track groomed trails alternate between spruce forests, glades and exposed summits. Skate-skiing or diagonal stride, you'll admire the riches of these generous and approachable mountains.

Nicolas GASCARD / Montagnes du Jura
Nordic spirit

Off the beaten track

To explore the resort's multiple facets, swap your skis for a pair of snowshoes or backcountry (touring) skis for a veritable return to the roots!

On a touring adventure of a whole day or more, you'll clear your mind in the heart of the Regional Nature Park. You may come across some chamois in the Jura forest, or even a capercaillie if you're really lucky!

Each itinerary offers some amazing views. From the Crêt de la Neige (1,720m), the highest peak of the Jura Mountains, the panoramic view will make you instantly forget the effort of the climb.

Monts-Jura, cradle of the Grospiron family

The mischievous longtime favourite of the French, Edgar Grospiron, Olympic champion at Albertville in 1992 and multiple world champion in freestyle skiing, grew up in the mountains of Jura (grandparents from Lélex).

This daredevil spent his childhood perfecting his technique and very individual style on the steep slopes and mogul fields of Monts Jura. A black slope named "Edgar's piste" now honours this local lad.

Off the skis

Nature or culture?

Mountain holidays are also made for discovering the local people and their craftsmanship. You don't need skis on your feet to spend a whole day on the subject!

Cellars beckon you inside, museums unveil ancestral collections, and the local people

take you on a typically Jura adventure.

As for culture and heritage enthusiasts, they can learn all about one of the oldest occupations of the Jura Mountains by visiting the precious stones & gemstones museum in Mijoux.

More of a foodie? Then visit the Abbey cheese dairy to discover the secrets behind the famous blue cheese, Bleu de Gex©… and wash it down with a delicious Bugey wine! Authentic encounters to simply enjoy the here and now.

CRT Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Aline Dalloz / Jura Tourisme
Trabbia Vuillermoz
Mountains for everyone

Each to their resort


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