Comté salad is a our region's traditional mixed salad. It contains salad vegetables, cheese and charcuterie from the mountains of Jura. This fresh, light dish, which can be served in summer or winter, unveils the flavour of our local specialities: Morteau sausage, cancoillote, comté and Jura wine. Your chance to find out a little more about these products!

If you always wonder which wine to choose to accompany your dish, ask the wine experts! We've selected for you a few good local wine merchants who specialise in the wines of Jura.

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Deglazing takes place at the end of cooking to dissolve the pan juices and use them to make a particulary tasty accompanying sauce.

It's very easy to do! Simply pour a glass of cold liquid into a cooking dish or frying pan when it's still hot. You can use water, alcohol, cream or fruit juice. Stir and scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon, then use the resulting juices as a sauce to accompany your dish.

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Choose the right Jura wine with the help of our wine merchants

Good food and wine pairing is the key to a successful meal with family or friends. Choosing is not a matter of luck, it's up to you to create a harmonious taste experience.

The Jura Mountains propose a wide range of wines so it's only natural to feel a little lost. Arbois wine, vin jaune, straw wine... which one? Our oenology experts and wine merchants are here to guide you.

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