The best castles and palaces of the Jura Mountains

Explore superb parks and gardens, admire inviting interiors and climb steps spiralling up to the keep... The wonderful castles and palaces of the Jura Mountains are full of architectural surprises. So take your pick, step inside, and prepare for a journey through time!

Laurent Lepeule - BFC Tourisme

Joux Castle

In the heart of a magnificent natural site, Joux Castle watches over the River Cluse as it has done for more than 10 centuries. Joux is a military fortress, and the only French example showcasing the evolution of military architecture spanning 1,000 years. It has also been a State jail where Mirabeau, Toussaint Louverture and other famous prisoners were locked away. Nowadays, the castle is occupied by a military Art and History museum. The site is worth a visit just for its enchanting, mystical atmosphere.

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Gilles Brevet

Château de Voltaire

Yes, this palace is indeed named after its former owner! This is where Voltaire, the 18th-century writer and philosopher, spent the last twenty years of his life. Come and discover this history-steeped place which is a château, a memorial site and a writer's home all rolled into one. The palace grounds alone are superb and themselves justify making the trip. Not only that, but they offer a stunning view of Mont Blanc too.

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Château de Syam

An Italian presence can be felt in the mountains of Jura. The Palladian Villa, or Château de Syam, was inspired by the architectural style of Palladio. Its fabulous features have earned it a listing as a protected historical monument. Join a guided tour and, to prolong the experience, treat yourself to a night in this palace and enjoy a fairytale evening.

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Les Allymes Castle

Amid the rolling landscapes of Bugey stands a magnificent medieval castle listed as a historical monument since 1960. Immerse yourself in the era of knights as you discover the moat, the keep, the gun room and the rampart walk of the castle of Les Allymes, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Bugey hills. Every year, the castle proposes guided tours, night tours, exhibitions and workshops, much to the delight of visitors.


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