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Iconic roads

There are hundreds of ways to explore the mountains of Jura: on foot, by bike, on showshoes, and of course by car.

Take to the iconic roads of this mountain range to discover its natural, culinary and architectural treasures! 

M.COQUARD et E.DETREZ Bestjobers / Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme

The Comté roads

The Comté cheese roads promise a timeless journey that keeps your tastebuds on constant alert.

The milk producers, cheese makers and ripeners of the Jura massif, as well as all the other local people who have a passion for this noble land, bid you welcome to the Comté roads!


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Guillaume PERRET / Route de l'Absinthe

The absinthe road 

Unveil the secrets of absinthe, the iconic beverage from the Jura Mountains, on a trip along the Absinthe Road.

Great places, a whole history and a few production secrets are waiting to be discovered on this road between France and Switzerland.


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The conifer road

This road stretching through the Jura forest for 42km beckons you to explore from Champagnole to Levier. 

Along the way you'll discover more than 21 tourist sites where you'll learn more about the road's history, wildlife and vegetation, and appreciate its uniqueness.

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Maud HUMBERT / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme

The lakes road 

More than 150km to explore between the most beautiful lakes of the Jura Mountains (Bonlieu, Chalain, Vouglans..)

A road dotted with lakes in aquatic tones ranging from emerald green to an intensely deep blue.


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Alain DOIRE / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme

The Jura wine road

Across 80km of hillsldes, on the Jura wine road you'll find some exceptional wines including the famous "vin jaune" (yellow wine) and "vin de paille" (straw wine), as well as some historic riches waiting to be discovered.

You'll also appreciate the splendid scenery, the amazing heritage features, the abundant nature and the picturesque villages.

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Franck Charel / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme

The Bugey wine road

The "Bugey Road" is a succession of authentic landscapes, typical villages, waterfalls and mid-altitude mountains.

With five signposted loop itineraries covering some 500km, this scenic road takes you from village to village exploring a famous wine region and its passionate winegrowers.

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