Cascades du Flumen (classé patrimoine naturel d'intérêt national)
Natural Site

Cascades du Flumen (classé patrimoine naturel d’intérêt national)


Round trip trail
Time: 1h or 1h30
Distance : 2 or 4 km
Yellow markings

The waterfalls fall side by side in a dark and wildly preserved cirque. The first on the left is a waterfall of the Flumen torrent. The others are powerful resurgences whose water comes in part from a drop in Lake Lamoura.

1h30 - 4 km from the Hameau du Martinet
Access: leave Saint-Claude in the direction of Geneva. At the place called "Rochefort", take the road that goes down to the right
towards the Martinet campsite. Cross the first bridge and park at the campsite. Continue on foot and cross the second bridge. At the fountain, you will find a sign on the front of one of the houses indicating "Gorges du Flumen".

1h - 2km from the power station
Access: It is possible to continue by car. After the fountain, turn left onto the road between the two houses (carriage road) to the Flumen power plant. This path is not accessible by motor home.

GPS coordinates from the start (decimal degrees) :
latitude N 46.364188 / longitude E 5.879504

Cascades du Flumen (classé patrimoine naturel d'intérêt national)
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