Cross-country skiing fans, head for the Jura Mountains for the must-see Transjurassienne race. Around 4,000 skiers come from across the world to compete on the Nordic trails of this mountain range, in one of the best Nordic areas in Europe! This race is the only French stage of the prestigious Worldloppet competition. It covers 68km between Lamoura and Mouthe and is attended by thousands of jubilant spectators. More than just a world-class event, the "Transju" is a whole spectacular show! 


Benjamin Becker – Trans’Organisation.

Much more than just a competition

Beyond the high-calibre sporting event, the wonderful Transjurassienne race is also a popular celebration. It's worth visiting for this alone. Imagine thousands of supporters along the entire course, singing and ringing their Comté bells to accompany the skiers' efforts. The villages along the itinerary have been decorated for the occasion. All around, music, refreshments, local snacks and a merry, enthusiastic crowd generate warmth on this winter weekend. A race with a unique atmosphere from start to finish!

Practical info

Benjamin Becker – Trans’Organisation.
The Transju'

A sporting event & popular celebration

In the Jura Mountains, if there's one much-awaited winter event, it has to be the Transjurassienne! Created in 1979, this race has become the most popular cross-country skiing event in France. Nearly 4,000 skiers from about thirty nations tackle the 68km course between Lamoura in Jura and Mouthe in Doubs.

With seven heats covering distances of 20 to 68km, the programme has something for both classic-style and freestyle cross-country skiers of all levels. The itinerary is a succession of picture-postcard settings, and villages that each have their own unique atmosphere.

The Transjeune race

Unique in France

For over 30 years now, the Transjeune race has been THE big event for young cross-country skiing enthusiasts aged 7 to 19 years. Every year on the last Wednesday of January, over 3,000 young skiers cross the starting line in a friendly and festive atmosphere. This is a golden training opportunity for them before they are ready to follow in the tracks of their elders in the legendary Transjurassienne race. 

Nicknamed "the little Transju'", this event comprises several heats for young cross-country skiers, both male and female, be they novices or budding champions.

Between races, there are games, activities, educational workshops and fun areas that make the Transjeune event a pleasant experience for all. A tremendous celebration of skiing and youth!

Benjamin Becker – Trans’Organisation.
Memory snippets

The Transju', the sound of bells

It all started a long time ago. I was a kid and there isn't much I remember of that distant childhood, but I do remember having a curious addiction to bells (...) So when I heard about the "Transjurassienne" skiing race and the bell awarded to the winner, that was it! I took to my skis and spent hours in training until, one fine day in 2011, I finally landed the Holy Grail when I won my first bell (...) Then I got my second bell (...) After proving the saying is right, I'm sure I will find someone somewhere who says "Good things always come in fours". So why not "Good things always come in fives". Basically, I'm not about to stop...

Benoît Chauvet - French cross-country skier and winner of the Transjurassienne race in 2011 and 2013

Julie Hann / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme
Grande Traversée du Jura

In the tracks of the Transjurassienne

A long-distance cross-country excursion on the Transjurassienne route. Discover the itinerary of the most popular of all cross-country skiing races by following the Grande Traversée du Jura trail. A total of three days' cross-country skiing at elevations of between 1,000 and 1,400 metres. Ideal conditions for good-quality snow.

The itinerary can be split into three stages:
- Lamoura (Combe du Lac) in Bois d’Amont (21.6km), via Les Rousses Lake
- Bois d’Amont in Chapelle-des-Bois (19.5km) with a 450-metre elevation gain
- Chapelle-des-Bois in Mouthe (22.7km), via the reputed Nordic skiing site of Pré Poncet

A varied itinerary on which you'll find friendly places to stay overnight and enjoy a good meal. Total immersion in the local Nordic culture!

La GTJ à ski de fond
Cross-country skiing

Europe's biggest Nordic area

In winter, snow covers the plateau, the summits, mountainsides and valleys, transforming the Mountains of Jura into cross-country skiing heaven. More than 2,500km of trails are available for cross-country skiers, making this one of the biggest Nordic areas in Europe!

Whether you want to spend a few hours with the family or get the full cross-country skiing experience over a few days, your dream can come true here! Along the way you'll come across certified ski resorts, mountain villages and gourmet restaurants where you can stop for a break. Whizz along the long skate-skiing trails, or have a go at the diagonal stride amid the fir trees... Whichever style you choose, keep your eyes wide open, admire the snow-covered landscape and imagine you're in Scandinavia.

La Griffe / BFC Tourisme
Julie Hann / Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme
Les Rousses

Nordic destination

Ski in one of the best Nordic ski areas in France! Comprising four villages (Les Rousses, Bois-d’Amont, Lamoura and Prémanon), the Resort of Les Rousses boasts 220km of Nordic trails to suit all levels. A real El Dorado of white in the heart of the Upper Jura Regional Nature Park! Two main forests share the ski area: the Massacre forest and the Risoux forest. A 100% Nordic destination that has won the highest distinction awarded by the Nordic France quality label.

Discover the resort

The full Nordic skiing experience!

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