With over 1,000km of waymarked trails, the Jura Mountains are the obvious destination when it comes to snowshoeing. From ridge to ridge and from dense forests to snow-covered valleys, this untouched wilderness can be safely explored, with or without a guide. Hiking with snowshoes for days at a time is a great way to fully appreciate the authentic setting more natural than nature.

M.COQUARD et E.DETREZ Bestjobers / Bourgogne-Franche-Comte Tourisme
Total immersion

The trapper spirit

Treading on virgin snow, listening to the silence deep in the forest, gazing at the scenery and following the tracks of wild animals that seem to have joined you throughout your walk... Snowshoeing offers a total immersion in the world of trappers.

Nicolas GASCARD / Montagnes du Jura
First tracks

An easy start!

The Jura Mountains offer more than 1,000km of waymarked or groomed snowshoe trails waiting to lead you to the heart of a picture-postcard landscape. 

Snowshoeing requires snow, a beautiful setting and a love of walking, that's all there is to it! No heavy infrastructure or cumbersome equipment are involved and you definitely don't need lessons. On these designated, waymarked trails you'll simply enjoy the tranquillity of a landscape that's void of Alpine slopes and ski lifts. All you'll experience here is finding yourself alone in a vast, snow-covered space.


Plan des pistes

Long-distance itinerary

Grande Traversée du Jura

Sports enthusiasts, meditative walkers, explorers, roamers… Look out for these three letters: GTJ. For snowshoers, the Grande Traversée du Jura trail is the star of winter itineraries!

It stretches some 117km between Métabief (Doubs) and Giron (Ain) and crosses the Upper Jura Regional Nature Park. Nature at its purest and a variety of terrain including sections without too challenging slopes, all off the beaten track of the groomed trails.

Designed for maximum enjoyment without the danger, the GTJ takes you exploring the most beautiful scenery of the Jura Mountains.

For a whole day or more, create your own GTJ experience!

Discover the GTJ snowshoe trail

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Jean-Luc Girod
Book in hand

A winter escape

This book takes you on a winter discovery of the main peaks of the Upper Jura Mountain Range. It encourages you to become more mindful of how vulnerable wildlife can be in winter, as you explore on snowshoes or cross-country skis.

The suggested "Escapades Hivernales" include 70 trails and variants leading to summits among the Jura mountains from North to South, as well as a brief presentation of 5 Franco-Swiss long-distance trekking routes.

Author Jean-Luc Girod

Published by Editions Rossolis-CPIE Haut-Doubs

Price: €20

Sophie COUSIN / CRT Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Follow the guide and enjoy the spectacle

Guided snowshoe excursion

There's nothing quite like snowshoeing in the company of a mountain guide to fully enjoy the scenery without having to worry about anything else.

These local lads and lasses will guide you to the most surprising, sometimes concealed spots, and share with you the secrets of the forest and the traditions of Jura.

Animal tracks in the snow? Your guide will help you identify which species have left their footprints in the powder. And if you struggle on the climb, they'll find the right words to encourage you and the right moments to stop for a break, to help you reach the target set.

If you're in search of adventure or just looking for something completely different, try a guided night-time walk in the light of a head torch. The landscape is totally transformed under the night sky. You'll stay overnight in a mountain chalet, where you're sure to make your very best mountain memories.

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Trapper weekend

In the warmth of a lodge

In the heart of the Upper Jura Regional Park, the land of snowshoeing and dog sledding, get a taste of the "trapper spirit". Perched at an elevation of 1,200 metres on the edge of a spruce forest, the Loges Coinchet trapper's cabin looks like something out of the imagination. Step inside this pleasant log cabin, a little haven of tranquillity. Around a crackling wood fire and a delicious regional dish, you'll appreciate this cosy nest after your day in the great outdoors. For a night, a weekend or longer, you'll enjoy a real change of scene and recharge your batteries in the wilderness of the high valleys.

Discover the trapper's cabin

Winter in the Jura Mountains

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