What could be better than a weekend getaway as a family in a town set in the French countryside! Do you fancy wandering the cobbled streets of Dole, taking detours down the narrow paths, exploring the renovated historic town centre and the famous little Venice? Would you like to taste some specialities of Jura, maybe some wine, a regional delicacy or a sweet treat? Come and find out all about the history and gastronomy of this town in a wonderful natural environment. Let's go!

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Day 1 - morning

Explore the town of Dole on foot

Begin your exploration in the historic town centre of Dole, where the 'tracé du Chat Perché' (perched cat walking tour) will guide you to some well-hidden places and to the town's most beautiful monuments. In this classified 'Town of Art and History', you'll be able to discover the buildings, fountains and ancient districts that together make this town so special.

Balade dans le centre historique de Dole Sandrine_Baverel__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
Dole avec des enfants
Dole, circuit du chat perché
BFC_0022567.jpg Dole, circuit du chat perché
Découverte de Dole en famille Mizenboite
A landmark of Dole

Climbing to the top of the basilica and panoramic view

Don't miss the Basilica! This monument has a 73-metre-high bell tower and architecture that is characteristic of the Franche-Comté region.

There is a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of the bell tower. The surrounding countryside stretches before you. In one sweeping glance, you'll see the private manor houses, the Hôtel-Dieu, gardens, canal and also the surrounding countryside: the Doubs, Forest of Chaux and the Serre hills.

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A short trip on a 1950s boat

If you're looking for an authentic adventure and to explore the whole of Dole at the same time, hop aboard an American boat from the 1950s.

You'll be exploring all the twists and turns of the canals and the Doubs river. This is not your standard boat trip as you'll be travelling in style and in complete silence (electric motor) thanks to the boat hire company 'Une Belle Aventure'.

Hire an electric boat for 1 hour

Day 1 - afternoon

In the footsteps of Louis Pasteur, a native of Dole

Louis Pasteur's childhood home is on the banks of Tanneurs canal. He was born here almost exactly 200 years ago, on 27 December 1822.

This house is where it all began for this famous French scholar. Visitors can find out about his scientific work and all of Pasteur's fields of knowledge. On this fun and enjoyable tour, visitors will learn about how he became a famous scientist, thanks to some ancient objects and some of his personal belongings.

Visit the Maison Pasteur

Good to know: To mark the bicentenary of Pasteur's birth, there is a rich and varied programme of events in 2022 on the theme of the scholar and his work, mainly in Dole and Arbois.
Day 2 - morning

Meet a local brewer

Just 10 minutes away from the town, Mont-Roland provides some spectacular views of the Notre-Dame de Dole basilica and the Notre-Dame du Mont-Roland sanctuary.

If you're interested in hiking, there is a trail here that runs along the Santiago de Compostela route.

The Brasserie Doloise is at the top of Mont-Roland in a beautiful, green location! Here, you can learn all about how beer is made and of course taste the production.

“For an enjoyable experience guaranteed!”

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Brasserie Doloise
Our top tip

A walk up Mont-Roland

Choose to walk here either at sunrise or sunset and don't forget to bring your camera, to take photos of the amazing views. 

Day 2 - afternoon

Explore the Collection Annabelle garden

Make sure you have time for a wander around the Collection Annabelle garden, listed as a 'Remarkable Garden'. It is just a few kilometres north of Dole, in the charming village of Rainans, near the Vallée des Anges, and is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air in a quiet, elegant environment.

If you are a fan of hydrangeas, you won't be disappointed!

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A good night's sleep and a great meal

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Balade dans le centre historique de Dole Sandrine_Baverel__Bourgogne-Franche-Comte_Tourisme
Dole avec des enfants
BFC_0022567.jpg Dole, circuit du chat perché
Découverte de Dole en famille Mizenboite