Saint-Claude has everything, from precision craftsmanship to unsuspected heritage, all in an amazing setting of summits, forests, gentle elevations and a mountain stream. This is the dream destination for a mini-break with the children, who will discover the joys of the great outdoors through pony rides, canyoning and picnicking in remote places. They'll learn about woodworking, pipemaking and other fascinating crafts that have almost been forgotten. More importantly, they won't want to leave, and neither will you!

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Day 1 - Morning

A fun way to explore Saint-Claude

Take the family on an adventure that plunges you into the atmosphere of Saint-Claude as you discover the town's heritage wealth and historic features!

A fun way to explore, this treasure hunt can be enjoyed at any tme of year, for a journey into a fantasy world as you go in search of the iconic sites of the capital of Haut-Jura. 

Pick up your backpack from the Tourist Office, to find inside a collection of games, a legend about the town, an incredible map, a few mysterious objects, and a set of challenges to meet for an amazing final.

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Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme

Discover the unique craft of pipemaking

Since the 19th century, Saint-Claude has been known across the world for its pipemaking expertise. Chacom, one of the town's last remaining pipe factories, opens its doors to visitors. It's a fascinating subject, whether you're a pipe smoker or not!

Visit their museum, pipe workshop and factory shop, to fully appreciate the excellence of this typical craftsmanship of Jura.

Both children and adults are sure to be amazed by the technical gestures carried out with great precision by the expert pipe-makers

More info about the Exhibition, Museum & Shop

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Day 1 - Afternoon

Children's farm visit and pony ride

With your family, take the time to familiarise yourself with the animals that live in our mountains and beyond (llamas, chickens, goats, wolf-dogs, etc.)

An opportunity for the children to learn to recognise the different species and how to take care of them, stimulate new senses and become familiar with the agricultural environment.

And there's no better way to strengthen the bond between people and animals than riding a pony in a lovely soothing setting.

La Ferme pédagogique de L'Enquerne
Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Visit to a cheese dairy

Find out all there is to know about the cheeses of Jura

Comté, Bleu de Gex, Mousseron… the cheeses of Jura are known the world over, but how are they made? Visit this dairy to watch the cheesemakers at work and learn about their expertise. Wander through the vast tour gallery featuring interactive games for an amusing learning experience with the children.  

In the dairy cooperative shop you'll also find some delicious local products made for sharing.

Haut-Jura cheese dairy

Scenic countryside

Your hotel in the heart of the Haut-Jura nature park

A typical old farm of Haut-Jura, converted into a hotel and restaurant with a warm family atmosphere and set amid an ocean of green.

le Pré fillet
Day 2 - morning

Local craftsmanship under the spotlight

The Atelier des Savoir-Faire in Ravilloles is the craftsmanship hotspot of Haut-Jura and an absolute must-see. You'll be amazed by the wealth of expertise here and the multitude of activities:

- permanent museum,

- children's workshops,

- woodturning demonstrations,

- temporary exhibitions,

- craft shop…

This pleasant, family-friendly venue unveils all the secrets of these often little-known crafts.

Round off your morning with a walk along the craft trail featuring a succession of fun features designed by local craftspeople. 

Visiter l'atelier des savoir-faire
Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme

A remote picnic spot

2 rules for a successful picnic:

- 100% local products! In this respect, the Jura Mountains, home of the famous Comté cheese have plenty to offer.

- a bucolic setting, preferably in the wilderness. Which is great, because there's no shortage of that around Saint-Claude.

Our tip: the Roche Blanche panoramic lookout point, which offers a plunging view over the cliffs and greenery of the larger-than-life landscape of Haut-Jura!

Roche Blanche panoramic viewpoint

Quality time with the family, pushing the boundaries to make great memories

Canyoning and river hiking

To round off your fabulous getaway, we recommend a refreshing activity the whole family can enjoy: canyoning! This is the ideal activity for family fun and an opportunity to surpass yourself.

In one of the most beautiful canyons of Europe, you'll descend a mountain river by walking, swimming, abseiling, whizzing down natural slides and jumping into the natural pools carved out by the torrent.

An exhilarating and refreshing afternoon in breathtaking surroundings that can only be found in the Jura Mountains!

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Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Canyoning dans le Haut Jura Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Canyoning près de Saint Claude Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Benjamin Becker
Canyoning - Les planches en Montagnes Benjamin Becker

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Canyoning dans le Haut Jura Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Canyoning près de Saint Claude Mizenboite / BFC Tourisme
Canyoning - Les planches en Montagnes Benjamin Becker