Are you dreaming of a getaway in the great outdoors? We tried and tested the 48-hour family road trip in Haut-Bugey, especially for you! You can expect a getaway into the natural environment of the Jura Mountains. You'll be visiting a farm, staying in the van on the shores of a lake and exploring prehistoric caves. Are you ready for an adventure? Let's go!

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A weekend in Haut-Bugey in video

So where are we going?

Let's head to Haut-Bugey!

For this road trip, our chosen destination was a little-known treasure of our mountainous region: Haut-Bugey
This wild, unspoilt area is in the southern section of the mountains, in the French department of Ain, and is very easy to get to thanks to the transport network. Bourg-en-Bresse, a town very close to Haut-Bugey, is only 1 hour and 50 minutes away from Paris on the TGV high-speed train!

Auguste et Léopold
Auguste et Léopold

An added bonus? Haut-Bugey is a 'Dog Friendly' destination! If you dream of going on holiday with your four-legged friend, the accommodation establishments and activity providers have numerous facilities available, to make sure the whole family has a great time!

Day 1

A visit to the farm

The Jura Mountains are known for their cheese: Comté, Morbier, Bleu de Gex, etc. So what could be better than a visit to a typical mountain farm to find out more about the culture and traditions in the mountains?

We decided to stop off at the Ferme du Champ du Puits. The older family members could buy some of the farm's products, and the little ones could get to know Rosalie and her friends…

The Ferme du Champ du Puits
Auguste et Léopold
Evening and overnight stay

Relaxing at Genin lake

Genin lake is a fabulous place, and is also known as the 'Little Canada of Haut-Bugey'. It is a heavenly place in a remote location in the middle of the Jura Mountains. These peaceful surroundings are ideal for an idyllic afternoon, before spending the night surrounded by nature...

Besides being one of the most beautiful places in this mountainous region, another advantage is that there is a campervan and motorhome parking area here, at the auberge car park.

If you prefer a cosy night indoors, the Auberge du Lac Genin has comfortable rooms to stay in, very close to the shores of the lake.

Find out more about Genin lake

Auguste et Léopold
Auguste et Léopold
Auguste et Léopold
Day 2

Visting the Grottes du Cerdon

Take a journey into the past in the Grottes du Cerdon!

These caves are particularly well suited to families, and the whole family will enjoy their trip to the Grottes du Cerdon. Journey through time on the 1.5 hour tour that will lead you up to a viewpoint hidden in the cliff.
There are plenty of activities for the whole family, from the age of 4, for a fun experience learning about how our ancestors lived: pottery and cave paintings, introduction to hunting with spears, making jewellery and lighting fires.

Added bonus: almost all the activities are inside the caves in the event of bad weather.

Find out more about the Grottes du Cerdon

Stay a while longer in Haut-Bugey ...

Berengere Morel - Haut-Bugey Tourisme

Nantua lake

The turquoise-blue lagoon otherwise known as Nantua Lake is the warmest lake in the mountains in summer. As its name suggests, it is on the outskirts of the town of Nantua, and it is very easy to get to, with all the necessary facilities!

Ideal for swimming from the beaches with on-duty lifeguards, and there is a wide range of watersports to try out, including paddleboarding, boat trips, kayaking or windsurfing so everyone can enjoy this superb place in their own way.

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Very close to Genin lake, there is a wide range of fun and original activities on offer at the theme park Oyoxygène: escape room, treasure hunt, introduction to biathlon, treetop climbing adventure course, barefoot trail, and much more

The activities are suitable for children from the age of 2, providing the opportunity for a magical family day out at the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Nature Park!

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Where can we find these activities?

How do we get there?

In a camper van obviously!

Motorhomes are a good option, but we chose the vintage version: the camper van. We are big fans of this means of transport! As well as being mobile and comfortable, it is also a great way of getting around in style! Be aware that you can't just park up anywhere though, there are special parking areas for camper vans throughout the area.

For our little getaway, we chose to hire a van from Vintage Camper, near Haut-Bugey. All we have to do is start the engine... Make sure you've got your seatbelts on!

Auguste et Léopold

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